Subtle Star Jewelry in Honor of The Fourth of July

It is true… back in the 90’s when I taught third grade, I had a BIG collection of holiday jewelry. I had wood cut-out necklaces and earrings for every occasion, and even some battery-powered pieces that my students loved. Now that I’m no longer working with little ones, I gave away my collection long ago, because let’s face it…it’s clearly not my personal style! But that’s not to say that you can’t find a more subtle way to celebrate with your jewelry. With the Fourth of July almost upon us, I thought it would be fun to explore options with a star motif. Granted, these would be good all year round, but extra special while watching fireworks burst overhead, don’t you think?

Zoe Chicco Diamond Star Cuff Bracelet

zoe chicco diamond star cuff bracelet
Sugar Bean Jewelry Star Stud Earrings

sugar bean jewelry star stud earrings
SHY by Sydney Evan Star Ring

shy by sydney evan star ring
Jennifer Zeuner Lake Star Lariat Necklace

jennifer zeuner lake star lariat necklace with diamond
Kismet by Milka 5 Star Ear Climber

kismet by milka 5 star ear climber
Aurelie Bidermann Silver Star Ring (also comes in gold)

aurelie bidermann silver star ring
Jennifer Meyer Star Pendant Necklace

jennifer meyer star pendant necklace
Nova Ear Climbers by Jules Smith

nova ear climbers by jules smith
Siena Jewelry Triple Star Diamond Ring

siena jewlery triple star diamond ring
SheBee Gem Sapphire Multi Star Ring

shebee gem sapphire multi star ring
Do you plan on wearing any festive jewelry this weekend? If so, definitely send me a photo. I wish you all a sparkling holiday!!

Spring 2014 Trends: Layering Delicate Necklaces

“Spring trends?? Aren’t we still in winter?” Well, yes, but in the world of fashion things definitely move ahead of the actual calendar, so spring clothes and jewelry are beginning to grace the pages of the magazines and are slowly appearing in the stores. This is a very fun time of year for me, as I anticipate the trends for the coming season by analyzing what I’m seeing.

I stopped by one of my favorite boutiques in Palo Alto the other day and struck up a conversation with the manager. She had just been shopping on Hayes Street in San Francisco (definitely a street with some cool, edgy stores), and she wanted to talk jewelry. She had noticed that delicate necklaces were definitely being spotted again, and I had to agree. BUT, instead of just wearing one at a time, as we did back in the early 90’s, this time they’re being layered in all sorts of interesting ways. (Sidebar: if you have a minimalist personal style, then wearing just one at a time is just right for you!) Now this isn’t to say that bold, statement necklaces are “out.” (Though I would store away jeweled collars for now, a trend that had a rather short shelf life.) My larger scale necklaces are definitely still in rotation. Rather, this is just another option in the world of necklaces, and I think it pairs nicely with my new obsession, stacking skinny rings.

Take a look at this combination by Jacquie Aiche, where gold and some bling are a unifying theme.

jacquie aiche
Here’s another lovely example of gold layers. I like how the three chains are different textures, yet they blend beautifully.

delicate layered necklaces
If silver is more your thing, then you might like this combo with quartz pendants.

silver and crystal layered necklaces
It’s easy to incorporate color into your layers as well, as shown in these necklaces by Kei jewelry.

kei jewelry
Celebs are also in on the trend (shocker!). Here’s Kourtney Kardashian in a casual chic look with two necklaces. The sideways rose gold cross is by Sugar Bean Jewelry.

kourntey kardashian
Kristin Cavallari has left The Hills and gone jewelry designer (who knew?!) — here’s her Pyramidia layered necklace, which looks like three different chains, but it’s actually all one necklace! That makes is pretty darn easy to get the look without having to think too much.

kristin cavallari for glamboutique
And just for one more look, I love the romantic feel of these necklaces by Rust Jewellery from England.

RUST jewellery
I don’t know about you, but I’m going to take a tour through my jewelry box and see what combinations I can create. I’m going to mix metals, use different lengths, and I’ll be sure to let you know what I come up with. I hope you share your stylish mixes with me as well!