Stephen Dweck: Designer

When my younger brother, Scott, was married 10 years ago, my mom was all aflutter about her mother-of-the-groom outfit. Her personal style meant that none of the traditional silk suits or conservative dresses would suit her at all. Instead, she opted for a beautiful pair of flowing black pants, a silk shell, and chiffon kimono-type top with a water lily print that was simply art-to-wear. The crowning glory, though, was the magnificent pair of yellow-green Stephen Dweck earrings she invested in. Though the outfit may have only been worn a couple times since the event, the earrings have been worn like crazy.

I was very honored to meet Stephen Dweck at a recent trunk show in San Francisco (where I did in fact tell him about my mom’s earrings). He’s currently celebrating his 30th year in business, and from what I could tell, he was just as enthusiastic (or even moreso) than he must have been when he launched his line with his three brothers all those years ago in Brooklyn.

Hanging out with Stephen Dweck

Stephen’s jewelry is inspired by nature, in all its forms. He travels the world collecting amazing stones, and then comes back and sets them in gold, silver and bronze. He has many coveted one-of-a-kind pieces which are marked by a little beetle, named Adam. (You can read more about Adam on his website.)

Stephen’s jewelry is on the chunkier side, making it ideal for clients looking for that scale. Just look at this stunning necklace and these cocktail rings! It was all I could do to leave the show without a new ring on my finger!

Large scale pieces by Dweck

I also love Stephen’s use of color–he’s certainly not afraid of it! At the trunk show, there were groupings done by hue, creating a virtual rainbow on the jewelry counters.

Delightful color!

Not only is this line versatile in the variety of stone and metal colors, but I really feel it’s multi-generational. I have clients in their 20’s wearing some of his amazing statement rings and a client near 70 who adores her bracelet in all shades of purple and amethyst. When I brought up this aspect to Stephen, he said that it’s not unusual for him to work with the daughter, mother and grandmother all at once.

Throughout his career, teaming up with everyone from Donna Karan to Oscar de la Renta, Dweck has kept his factory and production in Brooklyn. Score two points for that! I also feel that he has kept his genuine passion and talent alive, while remaining a lovely, grounded person.

So when you have the opportunity, be sure to stop and try on some of his attention-getting pieces. They may just be exactly what you’re looking for and didn’t know it! 🙂