Swedish Bracelet in the Mix!

So earlier this month, I wrote an article about Swedish Sami bracelets. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks these are the coolest, as I’ve gotten lots of comments and e-mails about them. (Thanks for that — I love hearing from my readers!)

Well one reader even went a step further. She realized that her darling fiancee, Russ, wore one of these every day!

Masculine mix!
Masculine mix!

He purchased his at the Hostfest Scandinavian Festival in Minot, North Dakota. (looks like a pretty, darn fun festival!) He combined them with two Mexican silver bracelets, for an uber-cool look. He wears them daily, and I’m sure it adds a lot to his outfits — really expressing his personality via the accessories.

Love it!
This really shows his personal style

Thanks for sending in the photos and demonstrating how these bracelets rock for both women and men!

Men’s Armani Stack: Jewelry Judge

While shopping at Sak’s in SF recently, the wrists of one of the sales guys caught my eye.

Very creative!
Very creative!

He had wrapped a Balenciaga brown leather strap around his watch, which was a cool idea. But his right wrist, which sports three different bracelets by Armani, was really a great example of masculine chic. Nice.

This stack has some power!
This stack has some power!

NYC Urban Edge: Jewelry Judge

I was thrilled to be working in NYC last week! After I finished outfitting my clients, I had a couple days to really explore the city. And no surprise how I spent my time…no shows…no visiting ground zero…just shopping!

As I cruised around the shops in the Meatpacking district, I stopped by Scoop. The most darling guy greeted me from behind the counter, and we started chatting. I was immediately drawn to his array of bracelets and ring. It seemed so spot on, both for his personal style and for the vibe of NYC.

jewelry judge
He rocked this combination!

The widest bracelet he has had for “ages” (he mentioned since high school), the thinner nail bracelet was purchased his first day working at Scoop, the cross, well because he’s obsessed with crosses (though I failed to ask his religion), and the awesome ring was from an ex. I think it comes together in a uber-cool, harmonious collection. Dee-lish.

Man About Town: Jewelry Judge

While I do typically focus on women in my Jewelry Judge series, I must say that a very tall drink of water stopped me in my tracks today. All decked out in a black suit, polka dot shirt and bow tie, his personality definitely came through (in a tasteful way) with his choice of brightly colored beaded bracelets. While not always a fan of “man jewelry,” this one definitely worked for me! His collection included pieces from Chinatown in SF, Hawaii, and a multi-bead combination made by a friend. In my book, he’s got it goin’ on!

kenny dodson
Showing his personality with accessories!