Marc Alary: Designer

I never knew monkeys and jewelry could blend so effortlessly, but Marc Alary demonstrated how it’s a perfect fit. Though he doesn’t have an explanation for exactly why he loves monkeys so much, Marc definitely has made them come to life in fine jewlery!

marc alary ring
And what’s even cooler? Check out how it moves!! (Enjoy this 17 second video I shot.)

I throughly enjoyed chatting with the charming Marc Alary at the Couture show in Las Vegas. With his French accent (born in Toulouse) and passion for his craft, I was completely intrigued by his line. Have you ever seen two monkeys fighting over a banana in a necklace? I certainly haven’t.

marc alary necklace
And then there’s a diamond-encrusted monkey, and monkey earrings, dangling with bunches of bananas.

marc alary diamond monkey
marc alary earrings
Marc started as a print designer in NYC, working for DKNY, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. While at Marc Jacobs, he discovered he wanted to focus on jewelry design. In 2009 he was given an opportunity to sketch for 2 hours and show them to Marc Jacobs. The feedback was definitely positive, and he headed back to the studio to work. The result was three animal charms — a jaguar, a zebra and an elephant. When they overlay, it creates a more abstract piece. In 2011 he left Marc Jacobs to pursue his jewelry career full time.

marc alary charms
As Marc explained to me, “The tangible object of jewelry is what my passion is; it’s better than print.” I’m with you, Marc! His collection of charms continues to grow, and he talked about how you can create different stories by stacking the different charms.

marc alary charms
While speaking with him, I couldn’t help but notice his bracelet, which is part of his Caravan collection.

marc alary bracelet
As a runner-up for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award in 2013, there’s no doubt that Marc is on the rise. This is why it was no surprise when I saw his rings featured in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Way to go, Marc!

marc alary harpers bazaar november 2015
I’m also very excited about Marc’s latest collaboration with Spinelli Kilcollin, a long-time favorite of mine. It’s truly a perfect alignment of designers, and the result is tres chic. Here are a couple photos they shared on Instagram.

marc alary and spinelli kilcollin ring
marc alary and spinelli kilcollin collaboration
I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet Marc and explore his line. I look forward to seeing what he has in store next!!

amy roseveare and marc alary
For a list of retailers, click here.