November Birthstone: Topaz

How is it that it’s already November?! I truly don’t know where the time goes. November is another month that has two birthstones — topaz and citrine. In this article, I’m going to focus on topaz. Many of you are likely familiar with this stone, as both blue and smoky topaz are very popular in the marketplace. But they can come in a wide range of colors, from colorless to orange, yellow, pink and purple. The word topaz comes from the Sanskrit word for “fire” although it’s popular meaning, being know as a calming stone, is certainly the polar opposite of fire! Perhaps the fire element was referring to the color of certain stone specimens.

Regardless, topaz can help you with many things, such as:

-it heals and energizes
-balances emotions
-brings synchronicity to your life
-helps with love and hope
-brings good fortune

Going on yet another one of my virtual shopping sprees, I discovered some lovely topaz designs. Do any of them pique your interest?

Armenta blue topaz and diamond ring

armenta blue topaz and diamond ring
Larkspur & Hawk Lily Riviere gold-washed topaz necklace

larkspur & hawk lily riviere gold-washed topaz necklace
Gurhan Willow London Blue topaz and 24K earrings

gurhan willow london blue topaz and 24K gold linear leaf drop earrings
Rosa Maria Olfat smoky topaz and grey diamond ring

rosa maria olfat ring in smoky topaz and grey diamonds

Loren Stewart topaz and diamond pin and stud set

loren stewart curved pin and stud set
Emily and Ashley 18K blue topaz bangle

emily and ashley 18K blue topaz bangle
Ray Griffiths white topaz earrings

ray griffiths white topaz drop earrings
Anaconda pink topaz Leona ring

anaconda pink topaz leona ring
Elizabeth and James Windrose pave white topaz cuff

elizabeth and james windrose pave white topaz cuff
Kelly Wearstler mariposa white topaz sunburst earrings

kelly wearstler mariposa white topaz sunburst earrings
And because I’m truly a princess at heart….I just NEED this Ray Griffiths Regency tiara in 18K yellow gold, white topaz and diamonds! Absolutely INCREDIBLE!

ray griffiths regency tiara
Best wishes to you November birthday readers out there. I will have an article about your other birthstone coming soon.

Kelly Wearstler Store in Los Angeles

In addition to being a jewelry-obsessed wardrobe stylist, I also have a penchant for interior design. I often joke that this will be my career in my “next life.” I admire the work of a range of designers, from modern to eclectic to traditional. Kelly Wearstler has intrigued me ever since I saw her as a judge on “Top Design” and purchased her book, Hue. My interest was further piqued when she branched into the jewelry scene.

I was delighted to visit her flagship store on Melrose during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

kelly wearstler shop

Entering the store is like walking into a fabulously appointed abode, from the interior elements, to the racks of edgy clothes (I scored a great oversized teal biker jacket for 60% off!), and the tables of jewelry (of course!).

The jewelry was very accessible, begging to be tried on
The jewelry was very accessible, begging to be tried on

I consider architectural elements to be one of her hallmarks, and these necklaces with ball pendants are a perfect example of her aesthetic.

kelly wearstler necklaces

And these wrapped brass pieces are so cool. In one display, she used the bracelets as stunning napkin rings.

kelly wearstler jewelry

There were also some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces in the store. This ring really made my jaw drop. Not only is the stone gorgeous, but the architectural setting is noteworthy. Wow!

kelly wearstler ring

Kelly often incorporates gems into objects d’art, as shown in these stunning boxes. I remember seeing some of these at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and drooling over them…

kelly wearstler jeweled box

kelly wearstler jeweled box

Kelly’s pieces are fabulously modern, eye-catching, and they have a great feel when you wear them. Click here to find out where her line is available near you.