Shibumi Studio & Gallery in Berkeley, CA

Sometimes I get so annoyed with myself, when I find out that there has been this amazing studio and gallery under an hour from where I live (since 1993!), and I didn’t visit until now. (Doh!) Thank goodness I finally had the good sense to visit Shibumi Studio & Gallery in Berkeley. What finally got my butt in gear was I saw that they were having a Ruth Tomlinson show. If you’ve been following me, then you know I’m a big fan of hers. In fact, when Ruth posted a particular white gold and diamond ring on her Instagram feed about 4 weeks ago, it was love at first sight. It was with mixed emotions that I got to actually try on said ring at the gallery (even better on my finger!) but then found out it had already sold (drat!). Doesn’t it look quite fetching paired with two of Ruth’s stacking bands? Oh, so “Amy!”

ruth tomlinson rings at shibumi gallery
Regardless of the fact that this ring would not be going home with me, I must have spent an hour exploring this space and all the beautiful work it features. The other designer featured for the current show is Heather Palmer, an Oakland-based artist with phenomenal hand-blown glass objects de arte. Here’s a few of her vases accented by driftwood.

heather palmer glass
Shibumi is owned by April Higashi, an extremely talented jewelry designer. Her collection of rings is out of this world, and I spent some quality time trying them on.

april higashi rings
I couldn’t quite take my eyes of the sunset hues of this sapphire ring by April.

april higashi sapphire ring
If you’re looking for a ring, whether it be for general wear or an engagement ring, then this is a must-stop shop. Take a gander at this case, just brimming with sparkly delight.

rings at shibumi gallery
There were many artists showing whose work I was familiar with, such as Sam Woehrmann, Tura Sugden, and Polly Wales. But there were also numerous designers that were brand new to me. Can I tell you what a thrill this is? I admired this glass bracelet from Karen Gilbert.

karen gilbert glass bracelet
There was a case full of color by Julia Turner.

julia turner jewelry
Woven beauty from Nina Bukvic.

nina bukvic rings
And a rock bracelet by Deborah Boskin that spoke to my nature-loving soul.

deborah boskin river rock bracelet
Even the gallery itself is beautiful, from the Eric Powell doors as you enter, to the sleek space inside.

eric powell doors at shibumi gallery
shibumi studio & gallery
And do you see all the drawers in these two banks? Yep..each and every one is filled with jewelry. A veritable treasure trove!

shibumi studio & gallery
Next time you find yourself in the east bay, I highly encourage you to spend some quality time at Shibumi. And yes, mom, I promise we’ll take a field trip there. You’ll go crazy!!