Virtual Shopping Spree at Manika Jewelry in SF

On Saturday I popped into the city to meet Delphine Richagneux, the new CEO of Manika. Now as you may know, I’ve been a fan of Manika since they first opened on Maiden Lane back in 2006. Not only do they have a new CEO, but they have they moved to a chic space on Market St. in the Palace Hotel. Of course, while I was there I had to imagine that I once again had a bottomless wallet — what would I buy?? Here’s my five picks, in no particular order

Jenny Reeves Seafoam Cuff in oxidized silver, 18K gold, chrysocolla and diamonds

jenny reeves cuff
Alberian & Aulde opal ring

alberian & aulde opal ring
How great does it look paired with the two rings I was wearing? (by Zaiken and Arik Kastan)

alberian & aulde, zaiken, and arik kastan
Jamie Joseph grey moonstone necklace, because it’s perfect for layering

jamie joseph grey moonstone necklace
Kanwar Creations cabochon rings…couldn’t decide between the tanzanite or the spessartite garnet

kanwar singh rings
Mary Ray Cactus Drop earrings of gold and diamonds — so fun!

mary ray earrings
Of course, I could have had 20+ items on my list, but I had a limited amount of time. Great meeting Delphine, Kira and Jenny! If you’d like to get to know the store, then definitely come out for a fun event they’re having on Thursday, July 16, from 5-8. Click here for more details. I’ll be there fore sure!

amy roseveare and delphine richagneux

Jamie Joseph: Designer

When I think of Jamie Joseph, I think color! I envision handfuls of rings in every hue, as perfectly shown in this photo from their cool Instagram feed.

jamie joseph rings
At the end of one particular day at Couture, I briefly was introduced to Jamie and her husband, Jeremy, by Melissa Joy Manning. I promised to come back the following day for the full tour of the line. Though Jamie was off buying stones when I came back, (Jeremy said, “She is a stone hound!”) I was able to spend some quality time with Jeremy getting the whole backstory on them and the jewels.

It turns out this story goes way back, all the way to the University of Kansas, where they met when they were only 20 years old! Jamie was getting her degree in economics, though she managed to take a singular jewelry making class. When they embarked on a “destiny trip” they landed in Seattle. They traveled until everything felt right, and things just fell into place, from a job to a great place to live. Jamie, though, lasted only one week interning at Merrill Lynch, and she soon found her new path in jewelry. (I’m so glad she took that class in college!)

Studying at the Jewelry Arts Institute in NYC, Jamie really started developing her craft. All the meanwhile, Jeremy was busy with his woodworking. (Quite handy, as he built her bench and studio.) Back in the day, they would sell their wares (sterling silver dancing bear earrings and wooden wands) at Grateful Dead shows. Everything would sell out. Her earrings were a hot commodity.

grateful dead dancing bears
Fast forward to the 1990’s, and Jamie was spotted by a retailer, wearing a ring of her own design. He quickly sold all six rings she gave him, and that’s when things really started taking off. Soon, Jeremy found himself learning to cut stones. He told me that it was trial by fire — he started cutting Peruvian opal, and kept practicing until he got it right. For the past 13 years, Jeremy has been the full-time stone cutter for the line, and if I must say, he’s pretty darn fabulous at it.

This is the Dahlia ring, which is one of their signature styles. This particular one is a round hand-faceted carnelian with a bezel-set diamond, set in 14K gold on a sterling silver band. Jeremy commented that the diamond is the “beauty mark” on the ring. Adorbs!

jamie joseph dahlia ring

Though color is a powerful theme in their line, I was also (no surprise) drawn to the range of neutral shades. Neutrals are my vibe!

jamie joseph rings
The new collection they were showing features stones that have cracks through them, with artistic 22K gold detailing. I think they’re fabulous! Truly unique.

jamie joseph rings
They came up with this idea when a boulder opal he was cutting broke in half. (Yikes!) Apparently, there have been quite a few broken bits along the way, and they live in an African wooden bowl in their studio called “The Boneyard.”

jamie joseph  gem boneyard
They started turning these “mistakes” into amazing new designs. I think the back of the pieces are just as pretty.

jamie joseph ring, backside
And take a look at the necklaces as well.

jamie joseph necklaces
Speaking of necklaces, they also have a lovely collection of multi-prong twin teardrop lockets. They come in a range of stones. Here are a few — in rock crystal, pyrite, and lapis lazuli.

jamie joseph rock crystal locket necklace
jamie joseph pyrite and lapis lazuli twin teardrop lockets
I couldn’t resist trying on this Galaxy cuff with the dreamiest of opals.

jamie joseph galaxy opal cuff
By now, you may be VERY ready to see this line in person. Lucky for you, they sell at retailers across the globe. Click here to find a location near you. They also are represented in many online shops, if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your living room.

Thank you very much, Jeremy, for spending so much time with me and sharing the story behind the brand!

jeremy joseph and amy roseveare

Jewelry Box Basics: The Rock Star

Get excited — it’s time for the third article in my series “Jewelry Box Basics!” To catch you up, this is a six-part series outlining the basic pieces you should have in your jewelry box based on your personal style: the lady who lunches, bohemian, rock star, romantic, minimalist and trendy. True, everyone is a unique individual and may adopt aspects of various styles, so just use this as a framework. Use the images as a jumping off point to inspire you and send you in the right direction. Don’t let the price tags affect your vision. Instead, shop at the price points that you’re comfortable with and have fun!

So let’s get back to the style du jour. Now granted, not everyone can be a successful rock star, belting out songs on stage, yet I know that there are many people who have an inner rock star living inside them. (regardless of their musical talent) If this sounds like you, then you should let this aspect of your personality shine through in your wardrobe and jewelry!

The jewelry for the rock star conjures up images of metals in oxidized silver and gunmetal…motifs such as skulls, spikes, angel wings…leather cuffs…and black diamonds. But you have to select pieces carefully, as you don’t want to appear like a parody of an actual rock star. Here are some examples of jewelry that would strike the right note.

Oversized and in black, there are many options for a rock’n roll watch out there. Karl Lagerfeld’s new collection is right on the money with this vibe.

Edgy and chic at the same time
Edgy and chic at the same time

The rock chic needs a chunky link bracelet to complement her style. This one by Moritz Glik is tremendous.

The diamonds really shimmer!
The diamonds really shimmer!

But there also has to be a leather bracelet in your jewelry box. I think this wide leather cuff by Erika Honig with woven pewter and silver would look fantastic worn on the opposite wrist as your watch.

Would you rock this?
Would you rock this?

I’m thinking of one particular friend in Austin, and she is definitely the rocker. Her husband really chose the ideal wedding ring for her — a large, black diamond. For the right hand, I think an edgy ring like this one by Stephen Webster would be just fantastic on her.

The "rapture thorn" ring
The “rapture thorn” ring

You might be in shock that the pair I’m recommending for a basic for this personal style is actually not a hoop! I could, of course, but I’m going a step further with these dangling chain earrings by Alberian and Aulde. I love the movement of the chains accented by diamonds.

Feminine, yet with a bit of a dark side
Feminine, yet with a bit of a dark side

Layering necklaces is intrinsically part of the rocker style, just as it was with the bohemian. Therefore, a minimum of two necklaces are going to be basic, one more delicate, and the other more of a statement. For the smaller piece, I like this embellished feather by Jamie Joseph. The mixed metals (notice the gold-toned ring that holds on the pendant) make it even more versatile.

Oxidized silver and diamonds
Oxidized silver and diamonds

Either worn solo, or in combination with this necklace by Virgins, Saints & Angels, it’s rockin’ without being a costume.

A necklace with some attitude
A necklace with some attitude

So how do these pieces sit with you? Can you picture yourself wearing them? Or is it too much of a departure from your personal style? With the three styles I’ve now covered, you can see what a range there is out there in the world of jewelry. And just think, we’re only half way through! 😉