Liz Kantner: A Week in the Life of her Ears

I first met Liz Kantner while at the Couture show in the Todd Reed booth. I liked her instantaneously. Since then, I’ve gotten to know her via social media, even though she’s based in Colorado and I’m here in California. I admire her personal style and how she just gets what’s cool, even if the rest of us don’t know it yet. Not only does she write an on-point jewlery blog, but she is also a jewelry consultant and jewelry-lover to the Nth degree. I was thrilled when she agreed to photograph her ears for a week so we could get an up-close look about what’s hip in the world of Liz. Though she does wear a stud configuration most days, at least a few days a week (when she’s feeling bold) she rocks a dangling earring. So without further ado, check out her week…

In all vintage studs…

liz kantner in vintage studs
This next look is vintage studs with a dangling earring by Laura Wood.

vintage studs with Laura Wood dangle earrings
She can’t go wrong with Polly Wales and Gabriella Kiss.

polly wales and gabriella kiss earrings
A Todd Reed drop earring with a vintage bug and tiny star earring are so unexpected, yet they work!

vintage tiny star and bug stud with todd reed drop earring
This ram earring from Fox & Bond is perfection with the vintage wishbone and tiny star earring.

vintage earrings with ram earring from fox & bond
And what about this Collette Ishiyama drop earring paired with a quartz stud from and the vintage tiny star earring?

vintage tiny star stud, quartz stud by and collette ishiyama drop earring
Though I did get two additional piercings in my left ear in 2014, I sadly had to let the very top one close — it just wouldn’t heal. I am now exploring my next earring purchase for my lone second piercing on my left ear. I did order one of the earrings in this post to try out, as I’m totally obsessed with it. Any guess which one it is?

Thank you so much, Liz, for sharing your lobe and your jewelry savvy with us!! xo