A Tale of Two Piercings

Perhaps it’s Pinterest’s fault…months ago I started coming across photos of women with lovely, delicate ear piercings. Some had numerous, some just a few, but it got me thinking that this would be a fabulous way to get to wear more jewelry…petite raw diamond studs, perhaps a little diamond bar or hoop? Certainly nothing over-the-top — just tasteful with an urban bohemian flair. And then I noticed many of my friends (especially those in the jewelry business) had such creative combinations in their ears. But then, I also know that I’m the girl who faints during a routine blood test. Could I really do this? Then came last Wednesday night. There I was at the Women’s Jewelry Association Designers by the Bay event, and I got into a conversation about it with Laura Forst, from Aesthetic Movement, and a couple other jewelry designers who are also considering making the piercing leap. (side note: Laura’s ears full of diamonds are a beauty to behold.)

“What about this Saturday?” says Laura.
“What are you talking about?” I reply skeptically.
“I know the perfect place,” she says with a grin, “It’s Rose Gold’s Tattoo and Piercing in the Haight.”

I knew full well that I was available on Saturday.

I have never been to the Haight.
I’ve never been to a tattoo parlor.

Fast forward to Saturday.
I’m in the Haight, and I’m in a tattoo place.

Outside. My. Comfort. Zone.  Oh my.

rose gold's tattoo & piercing
We got there right when it opened, so it was still pretty quiet, and we were able to peruse the earring selections. Now let me tell you, this is not like going to the mall where some 16 year-old girl gets out the piercing gun and shoots an ugly-colored Swarovski crystal into your ear. This is serious business. I couldn’t believe the selection of white, yellow, and rose gold options with various stones. (And I’m choosing to ignore the fact that I needed my cheaters to see everything in detail. Ha!)

Some of the possibilities
Some of the possibilities

And certainly there were some options that I was going to stay clear of.

rose gold's tattoo and piercing
Marie McCarthy, the lovely and knowledgeable owner, and my professional piercer, Perry Doig, helped with the selection. I knew I was in good hands. I ended up choosing a bezel-set opal and a little gold four-ball design stud.

Knowing that I’m a fainter (this cannot be emphasized enough!), I was thrilled to know that I would be laying down for this process. Still, my hands were clammy and my stomach was in knots.

It's time!
The first step was to thoroughly clean my ear, and determine where the two piercings would go. He made sure to select locations that were spaced far enough from my original piercing so that I could still wear my regular earrings of different sizes. He also took care to select what would work best with the curves of my ear. I could tell that he’s done this more than once before!

amy roseveare and perry doig
Soon Perry had me doing some breathing exercises, and was calmly talking me through the whole process. He let me go at my own pace and was a consummate professional. I didn’t even have to lay eyes on the needle or other tools he used, which certainly worked for me! I also cannot tell you how conscientious this establishment is with cleanliness. (10 points for that!)

perry doig and amy roseveare
Just a few pinches and NO blood later (at least that I saw), it was all done!

perry doig and amy roseveare
I think the photos he took and put up on Instagram turned out cool. He’s such a cutie!

amy roseveare
I was surprised to learn about the after-care as well. I recall twisting my original piercings and cleaning them with rubbing alcohol back in the day. But apparently this isn’t the best treatment now. Instead, I’m not to touch my new earrings at all. I need to use a saltwater ear bath for 5 minutes twice a day, and use a saltwater spray a few times a day. Here’s a link to the directions. Interesting! And then in 6-8 weeks, I’ll go back to get shorter backs put on the earrings. Currently, they have long posts to allow for swelling.

Since Laura was so amazing with me during this whole process, she treated herself to a new tattoo that she’s been wanting.

laura forst
Do you know what this is the symbol for?

laura forst
Then, it was definitely time to relax and enjoy, so we went across to Magnolia Pub & Brewery for a delicious brunch. (The croque madame was deelish!)

amy roseveare and laura forst
What a fun adventure! Thanks so much to Laura, Perry and Marie for everything…and I can’t wait to start my new little earring collection!

“My Charmed Life” Book Review and Giveaway

When I first heard about My Charmed Life by Beth Bernstein, I knew I had to read it! In this memoir, she shares her life story through the jewelry she wore, from “rocky romances, precious family connections and searching for a band of gold.” While I knew that I would certainly enjoy the story, I had no idea how much I’d resonate with her feelings, her stories, and how powerful jewelry is in ones life story. In fact, many times I felt like I was reading from the pages of my own life!

my charmed life by beth bernstein
I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Simply the introduction brought tears to my eyes, as she described a ziploc baggie of jewelry she was handed as her mother unexpectedly passed away. I can only imagine such heartache and grief…and then reliving all the memories that each special piece in the bag carries with it. Personally, I know that each time I wear my grandmother’s opal ring or my Nonie’s engagement ring, I feel as if they’re right there next to me. Images flash before my eyes of our times together.

I just adored the chapter about her wanting to get her ears pierced, and her only ally in the “grand scheme” was her much-loved grandmother. It was written with such young feminine angst that I could honestly feel her deepest yen to get them pierced. (But I won’t tell you how that chapter turned out!) I was emotionally right there with her when growing up, as my dad forbid me to pierce my ears until college graduation, threatening to stop paying my tuition. Luckily, when I tempted fate and went through with it my sophomore year, he didn’t make good on that threat. 😉

The way Beth describes her relationship with her niece, Sammie (and later her nephews) is purely magical. She made a gorgeous jewelry box for her to celebrate her birth. As she states on pg. 172, “I wanted to be the first person to purchase her jewelry that she would cherish and remember later on, and that would connect us as it had my grandmother, mom and me.” I, too, gave my niece a jewelry box for her birth, and deemed myself “the jewelry aunt.”

I feel like the author and myself have lived somewhat parallel lives when I read lines such as, “…while I was multitasking — flipping through fashion magazines, writing an article on buying estate jewelry and perusing profiles on Match.com.” Seriously?! I’m not the only one? In fact, much of the book is dedicated to the different relationships Beth has had in her life, and I admire her penchant for foreign men and taking that risk. Her romances take her all over the globe, and in each one, there is a jewelry story as well.

It was through her life experiences that she really found the joy in self-gifting, which you know I’m a huge proponent of! On pg. 197 she reveals, “I learned that it might be easier to find the right ring than the right man.” Oh, how true, sister! Thus began her fabulous practice of self-gifting, with a lovely platinum and diamond eternity band. I completely agree with what she says on pg. 199, “I’ve joined the growing ranks of self-purchasing women who are in touch with their tastes, more confident about their personal styles and know they’ve worked hard and are worth it.”

Well you, my dear readers, are worth it as well. And while I encourage all of you to buy and read this delightful book (because I know you’ll love it!), I do have ONE autographed copy available for you to win! So enter the contest below, and best of luck to you all!

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Never Too Old For Pierced Ears!

So nearly 50 years ago when my parents got married, they had a serious conversation…namely, what their “non-negotiables” were for their marriage. Who knows the rationale behind his requests, but my dad didn’t want my mom to ever wear colored nail polish or get her ears pierced. (Did he think she’s look like a harlot, or what?!)

Well life now has afforded my mom the opportunity to do whatever she wants, and with her turning 70, this was the perfect time to just go for it! Of course being that I, her daughter, is clearly jewelry-obessed, I could hardly wait for two new earlobes to adorn!

So we hopped in her minivan and off to the mall we went. Oh, the joy! After signing away her life with the release forms at Claire’s, the big moment came.

ear piercing
First one ear…

ear piercing
Then the other…

And voila! She’s even more beautiful than she was before! And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she can finally wear non-post earrings on December 24th. Holiday shopping will have never been easier!

amy roseveare and mom
I can only hope I look so gorgeous at her age!

Mom…wishing you an amazing 70th birthday. I hope all your wishes come true, as well as some that exceed your wildest dreams. You deserve every happiness!! I love you the most-est.