Never Too Old For Pierced Ears!

So nearly 50 years ago when my parents got married, they had a serious conversation…namely, what their “non-negotiables” were for their marriage. Who knows the rationale behind his requests, but my dad didn’t want my mom to ever wear colored nail polish or get her ears pierced. (Did he think she’s look like a harlot, or what?!)

Well life now has afforded my mom the opportunity to do whatever she wants, and with her turning 70, this was the perfect time to just go for it! Of course being that I, her daughter, is clearly jewelry-obessed, I could hardly wait for two new earlobes to adorn!

So we hopped in her minivan and off to the mall we went. Oh, the joy! After signing away her life with the release forms at Claire’s, the big moment came.

ear piercing
First one ear…

ear piercing
Then the other…

And voila! She’s even more beautiful than she was before! And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she can finally wear non-post earrings on December 24th. Holiday shopping will have never been easier!

amy roseveare and mom
I can only hope I look so gorgeous at her age!

Mom…wishing you an amazing 70th birthday. I hope all your wishes come true, as well as some that exceed your wildest dreams. You deserve every happiness!! I love you the most-est.

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