Kelley Hollis: Designer

Originally I started out this article as one of my “Jewelry Judge” posts, but it has become a bit bigger than that, as I learned more about the necklace I saw. Last Sunday I took myself out for a well-deserved brunch at my local fave, Alana’s, for a Mediterranean scramble and some home-style potatoes. Packed as usual, I took the last seat at the counter next to a lovely, petite woman who was clearly also a local. It didn’t take long before we were engaged in a meal-long conversation. Of course, I had to ask her about her unique necklace.

kelley hollis necklace

I wasn’t quite sure if it was vintage or not, as the main bar and pendant looked antique, but the chains looked much more modern. Apparently my deductions were correct, as this necklace by Kelley Hollis is crafted from both vintage and modern parts. This Berkeley designer has been at it for about three and a half years. She takes vintage jewelry from the 1920’s-1960’s, restores and then upcycles them into these unique, one-of-a-kind creations. She also uses fabric pieces from restored fabric appliqu├ęs from India, circa the 1940s.

kelley hollis jewelry

kelley hollis necklace

Colleen, my surprise brunch companion, purchased her necklace at the de Young Museum in San Francisco during their prestigious 30th annual Bouquets to Art exhibit. They invited a select group of artisan jewelers to show each of the 6 days at the exhibit. What an honor!

If your personal style veers toward the Romantic, vintage-inspired side, then Kelley Hollis’ line is right up your alley!