Jane Taylor Fine Jewelry

I don’t know about you, but right now I can use a bit of a pick-me-up. Between the weather and the general unease seemingly omni-present in our country, I just want to smile and be happy. Jane Taylor Fine Jewelry is exactly what the doctor ordered! Not only does a smile come to my face when I think of Jane and her daughter, Cleo, the dynamic duo behind the brand, but the color in their jewelry is just fantastic. Trust me — about 500 words from now you will be feeling much more positive.


Got color?!
Got color?!

First, let me introduce you to Jane and Cleo. Jane has been obsessed with jewelry since childhood. Her dad brought her to antique shows while growing up, giving her an introduction into the world of jewelry. Her passion was so great, that she left art school when she was 19 and began her career, working in the diamond district in NYC. When her daughter, Cleo, came along, she began making baby jewelry for her. Jumping ahead to 1994, Jane¬†officially launched her own line. Cleo joined Jane in the business full time after college in 2010. They truly make a great team; Jane focuses on the design and manufacturing, while Cleo is the mistress¬†of PR, marketing and public relations. And did I mention they’re totally fun to boot? (I bet you can clue on that from their smiles in the photo below.)

jane taylor and cleo zancope
I just may have visited their booth more than once during the Couture show, and each time I tried on something different. There’s a reason they call their jewlery “totally everyday.” (I apparently took this literally.) First up was this show-stopper of a cuff, with a multitude of different gems set in ruthenium plated sterling. I was definitely having a Wonder Woman moment with this thing on my wrist!

jane taylor cuff
On another visit I was more into the stacking bracelets, which come in all colors of the rainbow. These are from their Cirque Collection.

jane taylor bracelets
One reason I made sure to see this line at the show was that I had seen these darling little opal studs on their Instagram feed. And yes, they just might now be living in my own jewelry box…maybe.

jane taylor opal stud earrings
Showing the great range in their collection, here are some dazzling earrings that are pretty much a party for your ears!

jane taylor earrings
I was just e-mailing with Cleo, and she shared this image of a new pair of earrings. The peridot cushions (the “greenery” color of the year) are really set off next to the pink sapphires, don’t you think? Very cool color juxtaposition.

jane taylor peridot earrings
I also enjoyed playing with their trays of rings. I stacked up a bunch, then just tried on a single — both equally inviting.

jane taylor rings
jane taylor ring
If you’re into bolder looks, then perhaps you’d select one of these two rings? The first is composed of quartz, amethyst and topaz, while the second features citrine, beryl and zircon.

jane taylor the sword swallower ring
jane taylor fireworks ring
If you’ve been enjoying the bar necklace trend, but want to branch out into a new version, then you’ll enjoy these two necklaces. Which one could you see yourself wearing?

jane taylor necklace
jane taylor necklace
Now I have to ask — are you smiling yet? Did I hear you mutter “wow” or perhaps “that’s gorge!” I thought so. Wishing you a VERY happy day.

Jewelry Box Basics: The Lady Who Lunches

This is the first article in a 6-part series about what basics you should have in your jewelry box, based on your personal style. In my many years as an image consultant, I’ve spent countless hours working with clients and their jewelry, helping them to carefully select the pieces that really enhance their outfits and express who they are. I’ve come up with six different personal styles: the lady who lunches, bohemian, rock star, minimalist, trendy and romantic. For those of you who are wondering where the creative style is, don’t think that I’m neglecting you. Instead, I’ve learned that there really aren’t any “basics” for the creative type! This personal style likes each piece to be a work of art.

Granted, no one fits exactly into one “box,” but hopefully these articles will at least give you a framework of where to start in building your jewelry wardrobe. Personally, though my own style definitely veers towards the bohemian esthetic, there are elements from each style that I love (and have in my jewelry box!). In each article, I’ll be showing an example of each item, but don’t let the price point bother you, whether you think it’s too high or too low. Just use the example as the general “look” and then shop at the price point that you feel comfortable with.

Ok, so here goes…”the lady who lunches” is very prevalent here in the Bay Area. Active with their children’s schools, always involved in various charities, and with a booked social calendar, this woman needs jewelry that will take her everywhere.

I recommend a high quality watch in the metal that looks best on you. You may even decide on one embellished with diamonds, if your style and budget support that. I think this one by Philip Stein is very versatile, and I love the unique shape of the face.

Just the right amount of bling
Just the right amount of bling

Three to five bracelets in the same metal color as your watch are perfect for stacking. They can be worn on the same wrist as your watch or on the other arm. Personally, I’m a big fan of Ippolita. Her bangles come in just metal, or embellished with diamonds and semi-precious stones. The bangles don’t need to all be by the same designer, either. Just look for harmonious design elements in your grouping.

I like using bangles in odd numbers
I like using bangles in odd numbers

A colored stone, worn in the largest scale that you’re comfortable with, really goes a long way. It’s appropriate during the day, and can also add a lot to a cocktail outfit. This blush colored sapphire ring by Jill Alberts is lovely.

Subtle, yet still a statement
Subtle, yet still a statement

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that I think hoops are about the most versatile earring on the planet. I’ve yet to find a person, no matter what their personal style is, that doesn’t resonate with the perfect pair of hoops. For the lady who lunches, I really think she needs at least two pair — one, in her metal of choice, and then another with diamonds. (Can you tell that this is a pricey personal style to have?!) Of course, this look can easily be achieved with cubic zirconia as well. This pair by Roberto Coin is just lovely.

I have a cz version of these
I have a cz version of these

I find that various strands of pearls in different lengths, colors, and textures, are definitely a basic for the lady who lunches. Now these are NOT your stuffy, old-lady pearls we’re talking about. Instead, imagine multiple layers, various scales, and even interspersed with metal chains. No need for real pearls, either. There are plenty of man-made pearls at various price points. Here’s a very cool take on a multi-strand necklace by Alexis Bittar.

I love the metal & sparkle details
I love the metal & sparkle details

With these five elements in your jewelry box, you’ve got a good base on which to build. A jewelry collection takes time and money to create, so just enjoy the process. Invest in pieces that you LOVE and that really appeal to your personal style, and you can’t go wrong.

Borgioni Private Collection

Given that my mom is one of my best-est friends, I’m always pleased when I meet other close mother-daughter duos. While at the Couture show in Las Vegas, I was very pleased to meet Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci, the mother and daughter behind the fabulous Borgioni Private Collection.

Rhonda Bartolacci, Amy Roseveare, and Tiffany Bartolacci
Rhonda, Amy and Tiffany

Though they live on opposite coasts, the pair have built a thriving business the past six years. The whole line was inspired by the family matriarch, who left the women some vintage jewelry. They really wanted to re-design these pieces so that they could be worn today, yet still represent their own style. From there, they decided to develop a collection comprised of “unique pieces of art that can be worn as accessories.” Rhonda (the mom) is definitely a bit more rock-n-roll in her aesthetic, while Tiffany has more of a vintage/boho vibe. But they are able to combine their viewpoints in a very creative, bejeweled line.

They first became known for their bracelets, both their beaded ones and the handcuff design. But that was just the beginning — buddahs, snakes, the evil eye and animals are just some of what you’ll find in their stunning creations. (In fact animals are currently a very strong theme in their line, as they are both such animal lovers.)

The first thing that caught my eye at their booth was an amazing group of large, rectangular rings. Here’s a stunning showpiece in rose gold.

borgioni ring
It’s powerful and feminine at the same time!

Still with the rose gold theme, I think this rose gold and diamond flower on a sting ray cuff is beyond cool!

borgioni cuff
I would rock this on my right arm, with my watch and a stack of bracelets on the other.

If more delicate bracelets are your style, then take a look at this one. You can wear it just as easily on its own as you could stacked with other bracelets you already own.

borgioni bracelets
Subtle rock n’ roll with the snake and evil eye.

As my readers know, I have a completely unexplained addiction to buddah. (Perhaps I was Buddhist in a former life?!) I was a happy camper looking through their pieces, as buddah popped up in everything from pendants to bracelets!

borgiani buddah jewelry

While you might see this jewelry on everyone from Heidi Klum to Steven Tyler, you can also try it on yourself. You can find this collection at Neiman Marcus, Amazon, and in specialty jewelry stores around the country, including Fragments in NYC.

Spring Trend: The Bold Ring

Forget the rule that you have to wait till 5 o’clock for a drink. The NEW rule is that ANYtime is cocktail time…you do realize that I’m talking about cocktail rings, right?!

Don’t save your big bling for going out in the evening. Instead, enjoy that heavy weight on your finger all day long. I, myself, have been having fun with this trend. Here’s a picture of me wearing a killer taupe Alexis Bittar ring that I picked up for a song at a pre-Christmas sale at Decorazzi in Las Vegas.

amy roseveare with alexis bitter ring
The ring picks up on the color of the boots

alexis bittar ring
This is not a ring for the faint of heart

Whether the ring be made simply of metal or with a stone, don’t be afraid to get your milage out of it! (Remember the cost-per-wear rule…the more you pay for something, the more you should wear it to get the best value.) A large-scale ring can really add some attitude to the simplest jeans and t-shirt ensemble. If you need some inspiration, here are some gorgeous options.

I found this labradorite stunner on Net-a-Porter (fab site, if it’s not already on your radar). It’s designed by Monica Vinader.

monica vinader labradorite ring
Labradorite with 18K gold vermeil

I have admired Steve Vaubel’s work since I purchased my first pair of his earrings at Sak’s years ago. He makes striking, modern jewelry, and this ring is certainly no exception.

steve vaubel gold ring
Utterly modern and architectural at the same time

Finally, here’s a bit of the floral craze interpreted in a cocktail ring by Yves Saint Laurent. By the way, if you only associate this brand with high-end clothing, shoes, and bags, you may be pleasantly surprised at their costume jewelry line!

ysl arty flower ring
Arty flower ring by YSL

So go dig deep into your ring collection. While you’re at it, see what your mom and grandmother have tucked away. They may have just the perfect ring to bring your outfit to the next level…and to think that these rings were normally just brought out for special occasions. Isn’t everyday a special occasion?! I truly think so.