4 year-old with flair!: Jewelry Judge

As I was wheeling my cart towards the check-out area in Target this week, I could hear the loud cries of a little girl. She was apparently NOT getting her way with all the candy enticingly displayed by the register. I decided to pull in line behind them for some reason…and as I did, I noticed the darling bracelets she was wearing. As soon as I asked her about them, the crying stopped. Yes, I do believe we have a young jewelry-a-holic on our hands!

At only 4 years of age, she was rocking the layered bracelet trend. Not only was it age-appropriate, but she clearly has an eye for color, with her pink bangle perfectly complementing her beaded charm bracelet. Her mother was quite delighted, and said she picks out her own outfits and accessories every day. I wonder how big her jewelry box is?!

kid's bracelets
Future Fashionista!

Bling Love Starts Early!

People are always amazed to hear that I was honestly obsessed with jewelry from my earliest memories. I guess it’s just wired in my DNA! Well I’m clearly not the only one. I was visiting my cousin at her fab home store, Abode, in Half Moon Bay the other day. Tucked in the corner of the shop, behind the register, was her four year-old daughter and a friend having snack time and some girl-talk. At one point, I caught wind of what they were talking about, yet tried to listen in without being obvious. It went something like this:

“Oooo, I love your necklace!”

“Thank you! I love it too, and I wear it all the time!”

“Even to bed?”

“Yup, even to bed….”

Loved that she had to get out of her chair to inspect this special treasure more closely. Guess both of these little girls have got the jewelry gene as well!

children's necklace
Two cutie pies!