Shopping Spree at Neiman Marcus!

I knew that title would get your attention! So the other day I found myself with a little time to kill between appointments in Union Square. So what’s a jewelry blogger to do with this time? Well… I decided to visit Neiman’s and take myself on a virtual shopping spree, where I could pick out the top five pieces I’d like to own, and with an open-ended budget — the sky is the limit! (It’s a great fantasy, right?!) I was so happy that Lea Kushnir, my go-to sales associate, had some time open as well, and she loved my idea! So off we went, and here’s what I picked out. (in no particular order of preference, by the way)

Chocolate and black diamond ring by Bessa, $13,750

bessa diamond ring
Catherine Angiel black diamond linear earrings, $6,900

catherine angiel black diamond earrings
Silver and diamond long necklace by Irit Designs, $3,300

Irit designs necklace
H.Stern 41 carat rock crystal ring, $5,900

h.stern ring
h.stern ring
Diamond and sapphire earrings by Loree Rodkin, $12,900

loree rodkin earrings
Now, if I only had the $42,750 (plus tax) to make it a reality…well, a girl can dream, can’t she?! Thanks so much, Lea, for going along with my fantasy! xo

amy roseveare and lea kushnir