Brumani is a Brazilian-based jewelry line that I’ve been seeing more and more of on the Red Carpet and adorning celebrities about town, from Jennifer Lawrence to Penelope Cruz. Here’s Jennifer Lopez wearing earrings and multiple rings from their “Looping Shine” collection in NYC recently.

jennifer lopez in brumani

I was thrilled to check out the collection live while at the Couture jewelry show. The array of dazzling colors and gem-laden pieces was enough to get my inner princess drooling!! And visiting their booth was like having a little vacation, including perfumes of the most popular scents of the country.

Though this is relatively young brand, founded in 2005 by three brothers (Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo Bruner), they have a 50+ year family history in jewelry making. The essence of the line is all about Brazil, “…inspired by Brazilian music, by the magic and colors of the Carnival, the feminine universe, the arts, the nature of Brazil and by the connection of different cultures brought together by a shared history.”

Their “Looping Shine” collection strives to “connect the many bonds people have in life: friends, relationships, experiences…It’s a tribute to love, to affection, to companionship, to friendship and to fellowship.” The pieces are made from rose gold with diamonds and double faceted translucent quartz, which has been polished with a diamond powder. I would SO wear one of those big rings!!

brumani looping shine collection

They also have a collection based on the very exotic Baobab tree. Here are some rings from this group that sparkle like crazy!

brumani baobab collection

This following image showcases pieces from the “Baobab Grass” collection. I was so taken by the frosted, matte look of the lemon quartz. (It reminded me of sea glass, which you know I love.) In combination with brown diamonds, chrysoberyl, and Mandarin garnet, these truly are jewels fit for royalty.

brumani  baobab grass collection

The “Baobab Parahyba” collection features white gold and diamonds with hues of blue, including aquamarines and the rare Parahyba tourmaline.

brumani baobab parahyba collection

I also thought their “Nude” collection was very cool. Perhaps a bit more casual, these pieces make a statement about the range in human skin color, “..a way to show appreciation for the ethnic diversity in colors that range from white to beige; from champagne to pink; from brown to black.” Love that inspiration! Here’s a lovely pair of earrings with stunning faceted smoky quartz drops.

brumani nude collection

This line just really makes my jewelry soul smile. Their goal is to “design jewelry that represents the joy of living from the Brazilian soul” and I think they’ve done just that!

Mary Esses: Designer

Brazil was well-represented at the Couture jewelry show, and I think that Mary Esses was one of its stars! As a child, Mary dreamed of being a decorator, special agent, chef, forensic lawyer and jewelry designer. Happily, she already has achieved one of her childhood dreams. Mary is just as sparkling as her line, and she just exudes joy and femininity. These qualities are definitely apparent in her pieces.

mary esses and amy roseveare
Mary and Amy

Moving from Brazil to New York City, Mary was amazed at the juxtaposition of the fabrics and textures that surrounded her. Taking this theme, and striving to bring “fabric” to jewelry, she came up with the concept for her lace collection. Given that lace is one of the hottest trends in fashion, Mary is right on the money with this group. The 18K gold is manipulated in such a way that I honestly had to ask if the jewelry was made of metal or actual lace! Her assistant gave me a sly grin and said, “Well we don’t give away our secrets!”

mary esses lace collection
Is it metal or fabric??

The lace group is only one part of her line, though. She also embraces lots of color in her other collections. I’m in lust with the graduated oranges and tangerines of carnelian in the multi-strand beaded bracelet! The ring is made of Madera citrine, smoky quartz and diamonds. And don’t get me started on the rutilated quartz earrings.

mary esses cornelian jewelry
Just as pretty as a tropical sunset!

I must say I adore the geometry and bold color choice in these chrisophrase and smoky topaz earrings. I think I would wear them with a white maxi-dress and gold sandals on the Riviera! (with a cocktail in hand, of course!)

mary esses earrings
Just gorge!

All her jewelry is hand-crafted. When I asked Mary what the best part of being a jewelry designer was, here was her reply, “The best part…is when I sit on the bench and start working on a piece, and I get to a stage of clear and peaceful mind. When, like a child, I disconnect from everything and I just play. And even if the outcome is not perfect, it doesn’t matter. Because I rest my mind and I free my soul while doing it. There will always be “a next day” to make that piece better.” I can’t tell you how this resonates with my soul. Getting totally immersed in something that brings you joy, and letting go of the perfectionism that our society prides itself on is a gift. Mary, you are a gift to jewelry!