Ananda Khalsa Jewelry

OK…I’m going to show you two images from Ananda Khalsa’s website and I want you to think about the feelings they evoke. Think about adjectives to describe them. Are you ready? All right, here they are:

ananda khalsa rings and bracelets
ananda khalsa jewelry
What words came to mind? For me, adjectives such as feminine, colorful, organic, and fit for a bohemian goddess popped into my head. Although I first started becoming familiar with Ananda’s gems on Instagram, I was lucky to meet her in person and play in her cases at the Couture show. All I can say is that the line was even better in person!

I actually got to try on the vibrant tourmaline necklace from the second photo above.

ananda khalsa necklaces
And what about this stellar trio of rings, the middle featuring a delicious boulder opal?

ananda khalsa ring stack
And then there’s her inviting chandelier earrings, such as these with labradorite and garnet.

She also has a silver collection in her line, with equally beautiful detail.

ananda khalsa oval filigree kyanite earrings
Seeing all these incredible designs got me thinking about how I’d style them. (After 18+ years as a wardrobe stylist, this is the default setting in my brain!) Given that the line definitely has a more bohemian vibe with a nod to ancient jewelry, I thought it’d be fun to share how I’d incorporate Ananda’s jewelry into a whole look. Spring/summer would be easy — a Grecian dress, gladiator sandals and layers of jewelry to start. But what about now, when it’s getting cold outside? For a great, casual everyday look, I’d start with a feminine blouse, perhaps with some lace detail and a killer suede jacket. This ivory Rebecca Taylor blouse and wine-colored suede moto jacket from Capulet set the tone. (FYI, wine is a HOT color this season, and it looks great on a variety of skin tones.)

rebecca taylor blouse
capulet stella moto jacket
Given that jeans are a staple, I’d go one of two routes. The first option is a skinny jean tucked into tall boots. I picked a pair of jeans from Good American, as they just debuted two weeks ago, and they come in sizes 0-24. (Can I get a “hallelujah” on that extended size run?!) I ordered a pair for myself, and I can say that I give them a thumbs up. They are built for curvy girls, they are high-waisted (no muffin top!) and the stretch is fabulous. They are clearly flying off the shelves, as the style I ordered isn’t even available anymore! I like the scrunchy vibe of these Steve Madden boots to go with them.

good american jeans
steve madden nevadaaa knee high boot
The second look for jeans and boots would be to pair a cropped, frayed “let down” hem jean, such as this pair from Current/Elliot, with a pair of ankle booties. These grey booties from Rag & Bone definitely would fit the bill.

current:elliot cropped straight let out hem jeans
rag & bone margot bootie
Let’s imagine you have a pair of Ananda’s chandelier earrings on with this outfit, and you’ve got other piercings as well. She’s got you covered with a variety of stud earrings.

ananda khalsa labradorite studs
Personally, I may also add this turquoise and diamond ring. Can’t go wrong with it! Heck, I’d wear rings on multiple fingers!

ananda khalsa oval turquoise ring with diamonds
Ananda also has another very unique collection in her line which I can’t help but mention. She paints small watercolor pictures and then sets them under crystal. They have either gold or silver bezels and many have gemstone accents. Have you ever seen anything like it? This girl has #talent! If you go to her website and click “painting” you can see she has 17 different themes to her painting jewlery, from koi fish to ravens to willows.

ananda khalsa oval raven necklace
ananda khalsa willow cuff bracelet
All Ananda Khalsa jewelry is made in studio in Northampton, Massachusettes. If you’re interested in seeing more of her line, click here to see a list of retail locations as well as three online shopping sites.

ananda khalsa and amy roseveare

Margery Hirschey: Designer

Here is a quintessential pair of Margery Hirschey earrings, recently posted on her Instagram feed.

margery hirschey tourmaline earrings
Are you drooling yet? Known for her designs with “thoughtful asymmetry,” Margery’s work really makes my heart sing. Her use of color is inspiring. Here’s another of her Instagram shots showing “design day” in her studio. So good, right?! I can’t decide which combination is my favorite.

margery hirschey designs
Margery is an awesome mother of two children, and she took time off to raise them and be very involved in their school while they were growing up. With a degree in fine art (she originally wanted to be a painter), I wasn’t surprised to hear that she enrolled in a jewelry class at a local school in Denver, Colorado. In 2008, a buyer for Bergdorf Goodman spotted her wearing a pair of earrings she designed. In fact, here’s the first pair of earrings she ever made, which she befittingly named “cage earrings.”

margery hirschey's first pair of earrings
This clever buyer wanted to see more, but Margery only had 12 pieces to show. This does not constitute a full line, so off Margery went to her studio, where she produced 50 pieces in 22K gold. Yes…fifty! From there, things have only grown, to put it mildly. When I met her at the Couture show in Las Vegas, I didn’t know which piece to try on first! Here are some examples of her amazing work.


Boulder Opal and Emerald Beryl rings
Boulder Opal and Emerald Beryl rings


How dramatic!!
How dramatic!!


Pale Pink Kunzite and Pearl Necklace
Pale Pink Kunzite and Pearl Necklace


This was definitely one of my favorites!
This was definitely one of my favorites!


So easy to layer!
So easy to layer!



Margery is very inspired by ancient jewelry and artifacts (one of my personal loves), and she regularly posts inspirational images on her Instagram feed. (If you haven’t picked up on it yet — follow her for a true visual delight!) I feel her line captures the essence of these timeless works of art, and she re-interprets them into modern, one-of-a-kind pieces that will stand the test of time. Her work is not trendy, yet it is effortlessly current. One day, I aspire to have her jewelry in my own jewelry box.

Margery, thank you so much for spending time with me and allowing me to play with your exquisite jewels. (And being patient while I ran back upstairs to change my shirt when I realized it didn’t photograph well!!)  It was a pleasure to meet you and your daughter, Rachel!


Margery and Amy
Margery and Amy

Oh, and p.s. I will most definitely try out Pizzeria Locale when I find myself in Boulder! I’ll treat you to your favorite pie!