Kothari: Designer

Tej Kothari was born into the world of jewelry in India¬†— his mother was an antique jewlery aficionado¬†and developed her own successful business. Though Tej studied molecular biology in college, he began designing jewelry in 1997 and launched his brand in 2009. Kothari is a Bay Area based company. (I am once again amazed by the wealth of talent we have locally!) I can definitely see the influence of his science background in the line. Take, for example these polki diamond dish earrings, which come in two sizes. They are like bejeweled cells in a way!

kothari earrings
The polki diamond theme also translates beautifully into these bracelets.

kothari polki diamond bracelets
This particular pair of earrings really spoke to me. Again, I’m seeing the design as something we’d see in nature — the diamonds like dew drops on a frond.

kothari earrings
Kothari is now moving into more color. I was blown away by the pieces made of agate and jasper with inlaid diamonds. The single cut diamonds enhance the natural patterns in the stones, which are all hand-picked.

kothari agate and diamond cuff
kothari earrings
kothari agate and diamond necklaces
Being ever-attracted to the moody palate of blacks and greys, I would SO wear this petrified Alaskan black coral and diamond necklace. It’s truly a melding of nature and luxury.

kothari petrified alaskan black coral necklace with diamonds
I also want to share their kAuge Collection, which features sterling silver or 18k gold in streamlined designs. I’m totally into it!

kauge by kothari earrings
There’s a nice selection online at Twist if you’d like to take a closer look. Wonderful meeting you at the Couture show, Tej! I appreciate your time and talent.

tej kothari and amy roseveare