Rainbow Loom

Do you know what these are? If so, you are clearly someone in the KNOW!

photo 3

When my 5 year-old nephew and almost 9 year-old niece came over for Thanksgiving, these colorful rubber bands were soon scattered around the house. But…the “jewelry aunt” could hardly be upset, as it was all for the sake of jewelry! I’ve seen kids using the Rainbow Loom
for quite some time, but this was the first time I’ve become acquainted with it first hand. I’m astounded by the cool creations that can be made. Look at what my niece cranked out just during the holiday!

photo 1

All you need is the loom and a variety of rubber bands. Here’s her kit and the loom in action.

rainbow loom kit

photo 4

Our other young Thanksgiving guest was a 4th grader, and I was so not surprised when she arrived with her kit as well. (And no, there was seriously NO pre-planning on that!)


Love the personalization!
Love the personalization!

Not to be outdone, my kindergarten nephew has learned to loom on his own two fingers. I am amazed by what he made!

rainbow loom

I was just thrilled to see the hours spent creating instead of in front of the TV or iPad. This is a hobby that I will whole-heartedly support, and I can’t wait to see what they make during the Christmas break. If you’re in need of a holiday gift for the creative kid in your life, then I highly encourage you to investigate the Rainbow Loom.

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