Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls: Modern Pearl Designs

Do you consider yourself a pearl girl? (Yes, Jen, I see you nodding your head.) I’ve never had a strong affinity for them personally, as most of the designs I saw growing up were too traditional for my taste. It’s just not my personal style to wear an heirloom strand of white pearls or a pair of round stud earrings, as lovely as they are. But let me tell you that the tide is turning, and I’m seeing some sleek, modern designs out there that may have me changing my tune. Take a look at these pieces and see what you think.

Mizuki double black Tahitian pearl and diamond cuff

mizuki double black tahitian pearl and diamond cuff
Xiao Wang pearl Galaxy ring

xiao wang pearl galaxy ring
Sophie Bille Brahe Deesse 14K gold and pearl choker

sophie bille brahe deesse 14K gold pearl choker
Ryan Storer rose gold-plated Swarovski pearl two-fingered ring

ryan storer rose gold-plated Swarovski pearl two-finger ring
Julie Wolfe pearl drop choker necklace

julie wolfe pendant choker
Sophie Bille Brahe 14K gold and pearl earring

sophie bille brahe 14K gold pearl earring
sophie bille brahe pearl and gold earring
N + A New York gold bead and freshwater pearl ring

N + A new york gold bead and freshwater pearl ring
Mizuki 14K gold akoya pearl earrings

mizuki 14k gold akoya pearl earrings
Delfina Delettrez 18K gold, pearl and diamond ring

delfina delettrez 18k gold, pearl and diamond ring
Hirotaka akoya pearl and gold ear cuff (no piercings needed!)

hirotaka single akoya pearl ear cuff
I know there are various types of pearls in the jewelry listed above. If you’d like a quick explanation of the different types, then you’ll enjoy this article I wrote a while back. Also, be sure to keep your pearls in great shape with proper cleaning and storage.

8 thoughts on “Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls: Modern Pearl Designs”

  1. Oh my, are you ever speaking my language! As a GIA Pearls Graduate, I’m obsessed with all pearl jewelry. I love the selections you’ve included because they are very ‘now’ yet still classic, timeless and very versatile – making them all perfect for day or evening, casual or dressy occasions.
    I’s especially loving Delfina Delettrez’s 18K gold, pearl and diamond ring you have pictured here – it’s so pretty!
    You might want to check out Hisano Shepherd’s (from Pearl Paradise), Little H, collection from over at the Pearl Collective //
    Both her Finestrino Collection and her Pearl Geode Collection are among the most spectacular designs I’ve seen in a very long, long time!
    Thanks for sharing pearls today !!!

    1. So happy that you like the article! I checked out the link, and you’re right–those geode pearls are amazing! I’ll be sure to post one one the blog’s Facebook page. Thanks so much for writing, Michelle!

  2. Personally I do not wear too much of pearl. But after looking at this ensemble you put together, I am wondering why have I never had some!

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