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Julie Romanenko, the designer of Just Jules, is another talented artist I only knew via e-mail and social media. Meeting her in person at the Couture show was long overdue. (And  how perfect that we fortuitously met the night before the show was to start — stars aligning!) Before I even started looking at the treasures in her jewlery cases, I couldn’t help but stare at the stunning opal pendant around her neck, which is one of her signature pieces. The combination of tones in the stone, the unique setting and the layered look is just spot on.

just jules opal necklace
Opals are, in fact, one of her favorite stones — as they are mine. Take a gander at these opal necklaces.

just jules opal necklaces
Here’s an array of her rings, featuring all different stones, including opal.

just jules rings
And what about these opal earrings? The Art Deco details are inspired by the bails on some of the vintage lockets she owns.

just jules opal earrings
Speaking of lockets…Julie takes vintage lockets and re-works them, combining them with new chains, gems and pearls. They are one of the most popular collections in her line, and I can see why. SO easy to wear, and they have so much character.

just jules lockets
Being a master of re-working vintage pieces, can you spot the bracelet in her stack that’s made from an antique pin converted into a bracelet? I think the overall effect of her mix is sensational.

just jules bracelet stack
Just Jules, launched in 1991, is based in Scottsdale. Julie told me she fought making rings for some time, but now she’s obsessed with it. Who wouldn’t be?! Here’s a sampling of diamond rings from her Commitments Collection. Which one is your favorite? I just can’t decide…

just jules diamond rings
Not only is Julie an outstanding jewlery designer, but this gal can bake! She had a big glass cookie jar of homemade sugar cookies on her counter. (Why did I not take a photo of this?!) I may have had one every day…and taken some for the plane ride home. Boy were they yummy!

Julie, so wonderful to finally meet you and try on your jewels. I’m a big fan!! xo

julie romanenko and amy roseveare

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  1. I love these! The first opal in the necklace looks like a landscape piece of art!! What a great artist!!

  2. I need to win the lottery! Her opal necklaces are gorgeous and I love the opal bracelet… and the earrings… and the rings!

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