July Birthstone: Ruby

I’ve come full circle with my year of birthstone articles, ending with July’s stone, the ruby. (Just for you, mom — happy birthday!) Through my research, I found the ruby to be quite fascinating. It turns out that throughout history, the ruby was considered the most valuable of all stones, even more than a diamond. In the metaphysical world, it has the highest vibration of all stones, so high in fact, that it’s not a stone commonly used in mediation because it’s too darn energetic. Rubies represent love, passion and prosperity. Though I always think of rubies as red, they can actually range from a paler rose to a deep, crimson red (the most valuable). There can be a cast of orange, blue or purple to them, depending on where they are mined.

When you wear a ruby, here’s some of the qualities it will help you with:

-a clear mind
-brings a sense of adventure
-motivation & high energy
-an aphrodisiac
-gets rid of nightmares
-stone of manifestation/following your bliss

Interesting, right?! And to whet your ruby appetite, here’s some stellar pieces of jewelry…

Sidney Garber ruby drop accented band

sidney garber ruby drop accented band
Victorian ruby snake bracelet

victorian ruby snake bracelet
Finn ruby drop thread earrings

finn ruby drop thread earrings
Paul Morelli diamond and ruby meditation bell pendant

paul morelli diamond and ruby meditation bell pendant
Lori Mclean baguette and brilliant cut ruby stacking ring

lori mclean baguette and brilliant cut ruby stacking ring
Annie Fensterstock ruby and diamond earrings

annie fensterstock ruby and diamond earrings
Michelle Fantaci pawn cuff bracelet with ruby and turquoise

michelle fantaci pawn cuff bracelet with ruby and turquoise
Ten Thousand Things 18K ruby pendant with pave set diamonds

ten thousand things 18k ruby pendant with pave set diamonds
Victorian diamond and ruby dinner ring

victorian diamond and ruby dinner ring
Nikos Koulis ruby and diamond ring

nikos koulis ruby and diamond ring
Quite the array, hm? If you could have your choice, which would it be? I hope all you July babies out there have a fantastic birthday!

6 thoughts on “July Birthstone: Ruby”

  1. Thanks, Amy❤️ Well I would choose the last ring by Nikos but have to say they are all stunners!

    1. That ring by Nikos Koulis is a pretty cool design, isn’t it? I think we have to go shopping for something new for your birthday! xo

  2. Nikos Koulis gets my vote, too! Gorgeous roundup. Love the Michelle Fantaci bracelet. Sidney Garber’s ring is such an elegant beauty. I want them all!

  3. I love the selection you have here! July isn’t my birth month but boy do I love ruby’s! Thanks for the post!

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