Voodoo Jewelry: Jewelry Judge

While I have heard of Voodoo dolls in my life, I actually never knew that it was a religion until I started chatting with a waiter at Monkeypod in Ko Olina on Oahu. (sidebar: best, darn fish tacos I’ve ever had in my life!)

So Oi O’Brian (Hawaiian heritage, yet adopted by an Irish family) first caught my attention because of his abundant tattoos and big smile. (another sidebar: Tattoos are probably one of the most popular accessories I saw while on Oahu.) When I noticed that he was wearing an intriguing necklace, I clearly had to go introduce myself.

Can you see the details of the skulls?
Can you see the details of the skulls?

Oi follows Haitian Voodoo, and part of his religion says that all things must be in odd numbers. Therefore, there are 5 skulls on his necklace, which he carved himself out of yak bone. He has paired this with a red and black (significant colors in his religion) titanium wrap necklace, which he claims has health benefits. He wears both necklaces 24/7 — they are just part of him.

I know that with my jewelry judge series, I usually have a specific opinion about what I’m writing about. But this time, I don’t. I just find the whole thing so interesting, and I’m just nodding my head and thinking, “hmmm.” Perhaps you have an opinion??

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