Vintage Judith Leiber Belt: Jewelry Judge

While I’m very familiar with Judith Leiber bags, it wasn’t until today that I became acquainted with her vintage belts. (This is so surprising, as I’ve been in countless closets with massive accessory collections.) I was pre-shopping for one of my clients yesterday, when I noticed some sophisticated bling coming from a low-slung belt on a gal at Bloomingdales in San Francisco.

judith leiber belt
Now she definitely has an edgy look and likes to have a little drama in her outfits. When I asked her what the heck I was seeing, she said that it had belonged to her mom back in the 80’s. Raised in Las Vegas (now I’m understanding her style even more!), she described her mom with a wistful look in her eye — describing every detail of a particular suit with big shoulder pads, and bling from head-to-toe, including belts like this. “She was always dripping in glamour,” she said with a big smile.

judith leiber belt
She kept the vibe throughly modern, and avoided the potential gaudy look that you might get when incorporating a vintage bejeweled piece. Her hefty bracelet stack and substantial ring on her pointer finger brought the whole look together on this 20-something beauty. I really don’t think many people could carry this look off, but I think she does it with panache! What do you think?

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