Charlene Court: Jewelry Judge

I think that sometimes people must think I’m a total nut-job when I accost them in public places. I found my latest “victim” while I was having lunch with a friend at the Rotunda in San Francisco. This lovely young woman walked by, I caught a glimpse of the fan-tabulous necklace she was wearing, and truly leapt out of my seat to go after her.

Turns out, that she was wearing the designs of her friend, jewelry designer Charlene Court. (I LOVE when I discover a designer that I’ve never heard of!) So here’s the necklace that she was wearing.

Talk about dramatic!
Talk about dramatic!

Here’s a close-up of the pendant.

Organic beauty!
Organic beauty!

And get ready for the surprise in the back….

It's beautiful coming and going!
It’s beautiful coming and going!

In addition to this magnificent necklace she was also wearing a fab ring, also by Charlene.


And in case you want a close-up view of the ring, as I know I did!

Dress it up or down!
Dress it up or down!

So I suppose that you don’t have to guess whether the Jewelry Judge gives a thumbs up or a thumbs down this week. Wow! Know that I did eventually get back to my table to finish my salad, but I was on a jewelry high for the rest of my lunch!

5 thoughts on “Charlene Court: Jewelry Judge”

  1. Hmmm…not agreeing with you on this one, Aim. I would think you’d see the huge jewelry, rather than the person? Do I get flogged for disagreeing with the jewelry judge ;)?

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