Pamela Froman: Designer

I put on this ring, and I fell in love right on the spot. The substantial weight of it on my hand and the ethereal quality of the moonstone was mesmerizing.

My new crush, the Empress moonstone ring

Pamela Froman is a very talented Los Angeles based designer who’s motto is “get crushed.” This refers to the special hand-hammered satin finish applied to her pieces. Each piece is handmade, so no two are exactly alike. Pamela’s line includes gold of all colors, including a chocolate hue that I had never laid eyes on before. It’s just beautiful either on its own or when mixed with other metals.

Stacking rings in a rainbow of metal colors

Many of her pieces have more than one tone of gold in the same piece, making it very wearable on a variety of skin tones. She uses a special alloy with her rose gold, giving it a warmer peachy tone as opposed to the more typical cooler pink.

When I started trying on her natural diamond rings at this Mankia Jewelry trunk show, I realized that they would make stunning, non-traditional engagement rings. I found out that they can customize these rings — the bigger the better in this situation, right?! 😉

Natural diamond rings

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous and different – love them!!! I have never seen the different colors in gold – wow!!! These actually make my heart sing as well and usually quilting fabric does. Hmm……..

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