Brooch Magnets

I know that all of us have pieces in our jewelry box that go unworn. Each day when you open your box, they are yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” But as the days go by, they go unchosen. (sort of like being picked last for the kickball team in grade school!) Well Country Living magazine had a great idea for how to re-purpose your unused brooches. Turn them into stylish magnets for your fridge!

Brilliant idea!
Brilliant idea!

Basically, all you have to do is use needle-nose pliers to remove the hardware from the back of the pin, and then glue on a super strong magnet. Voila — you’ve got a chic new way to affix your “to do” list to your fridge! Plus, I’m sure that your brooches will love being center stage once again! 😉

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