Bell and Bird: A Gem in Austin, Texas

One of the things I love about being a wardrobe stylist is that it has me traveling all over the country to work with clients. I recently had the opportunity to work in Austin, Texas, for the first time. Not only was it inspiring to visit somewhere new, but I was also psyched I’d finally be able to visit Bell and Bird, an antique jewelry store (specializing in 18th and 19th century pieces) that I’d been following on Instagram for quite some time. After enjoying a delicious gelato at Teo, right around the corner from them, I eagerly entered the store. Rhianna, the owner, could not have been kinder. As soon as we got talking about my jewelry blog, she started pulling out trays and trays of delectable jewels from their vault. Her wealth of expertise was mind blowing.

So many pieces are in their original boxes!

Not knowing what to try on first, I decided to don this incredible Victorian snake bracelet from the Netherlands. It dates to the 1860’s and is made from 18K gold and old mine cut diamonds.

This pair of matched Victorian gold buckle bracelets also caught my eye.

If this Victorian gold necklace with a rock crystal locket had fit, I may very well have gone home with it….

I couldn’t get over the trays of charms, fobs, lockets, and other adornments.

This enamel and gold necklace is most definitely fit for a princess. It’s made of 18K gold, enamel and old mine cut diamonds. The locket can be removed, leaving you with a chic collar.

And how about this early Victorian bow brooch? It’s articulated at the joints, so it moves when worn. Too cool.

I could have spent the entire afternoon here, but I unfortunately had more stores to explore. I have to say, Bell and Bird is a must see when you’re in Austin!

8 thoughts on “Bell and Bird: A Gem in Austin, Texas”

  1. I see why now that you had so much fun in the store!! Some totally gorgeous pieces – wow! Well, except the snake bracelet – 🙁 Glad you found the store, Amy!! Maybe next time you go you’ll have more time in Austin to explore.

  2. Austin, how fun! You always find such unique treasures in your travels. I do love all the pieces, my favorite is the the gold necklace with the crystal!!!
    Thanks Amy:)

    1. Isn’t that necklace just amazing?! I can picture it as easily with jeans and a t-shirt as I can with a cocktail dress…dreamy…

  3. That bow brooch IS alive and I want it! I’ll now follow B & B on Instagram. Thanks, Amy, for sharing your visit!

    1. Isn’t the bow just fab? You’ll love following them and drooling over the pieces on their website.

  4. Wow! This is all so amazing. The Lockets, the Brooch, the Necklace, I am just loving it. Keep the good working going. 🙂

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