Zoe Chicco: Paris Collection

I must say I have quite a few Zoe Chicco aficionados among my clientele. They are drawn to her effortlessly chic dainty chains, slim cuffs with diamonds, and earrings (which she brilliantly sells as singles). Whenever we shop, we have to check out the latest offerings here in San Francisco. While at the Couture show I, too, had to visit her booth to catch up with her and see what she’s been up to. Here’s a shot of the ear party she had going on when I stopped by. (Ear cuff envy!)

zoe chicco wearing her earrings
If you’re not already familiar with her line, let me give you a little background. She had a high school teacher who taught her soldering, and she was hooked from that day forward. She studied metal smithing in college, and began her line in 2000. Based in Los Angeles, each piece is made in house by her and her team. She has come a loooong way since she began her line in the closet in her apartment in San Francisco!

So fast forward to June 2016, and I found myself gazing into this case, which displays her new Paris Collection.

zoe chicco paris collection
Always curious as to where designers get their inspiration, Zoe explained that the ceiling in her Paris showroom inspired the collection. Here’s a photo of that ceiling and one of the signature necklaces it inspired. What a cool evolution to see!


The ceiling that inspired Zoe's latest collection
The ceiling that inspired Zoe’s latest collection


Voila -- Zoe's interpretation in gold an diamonds!
Voila — Zoe’s interpretation in gold and diamonds!

Here are a few more of the necklaces, showing how Zoe’s creativity can see different permutations of a theme.

zoe chicco paris collection necklaces
I also like the various earrings in the group, ranging from dainty to bolder than I’ve seen her do before. Love the long drop hoops.

zoe chicco earrings
Zoe kindly modeled one of the earrings for me — clever how the large hoop ear jacket can be taken off, leaving you with two totally different looks.

zoe chicco paris collection earring
Oh, and I also have to mention Zoe has now added some black pearls to her line. Though not part of the Paris Collection, I had to share them with you. Pretty, right?

zoe chicco black pearl rings
If you are wanting to keep up with Zoe’s line, you should check out her Instagram feed. AND her Instagram is shoppable through her Instashop, which is tres convenient!

I always enjoy seeing you, Zoe. I can tell how happy you are doing what you love! Thanks for the tour. I know my clients will be psyched to see this new work! xo

zoe chicco and amy roseveare