Rebecca Overmann: Turning Unworn Jewelry Into New Treasures

I love weeding through my clients’ jewelry boxes. It’s amazing what one can uncover when you get to the far corners, pulling out items that likely haven’t been seen in years. When you start making a little pile of singular earrings that are missing their mate, perhaps a wedding ring from a former marriage, or something that is just SO not your style anymore, things can stack up fast. This is exactly what I did with a client a few months ago, and here’s the handful we ended up with.

unworn jewelry
Knowing we had some great diamonds and gold in hand, we headed to Rebecca Overmann’s studio in San Francisco for a design session. The possibilities were endless, and Rebecca took to her notebook to start sketching out some ideas.

rebecca overmann designing
rebecca overmann
The first decision we needed to make was what to do with the large, round solitaire diamond. My client spends countless hours a week out on the tennis court, so we thought a bezel-set pendant on a simple chain would be ideal. It wouldn’t get in the way of her backhand, yet it would certainly add a little glitz to her tennis whites. Boy did it turn out beautifully!

rebecca overmann diamond necklace
Not only is it elegant on its own, but it layers so easily with other necklaces.

rebecca overmann layered necklace
My client has also really gotten into stacking rings, so a couple new ones were definitely in order. Here’s a great shot of the first one off the bench.

rebecca overmann ring
The second one she made is a bubble design, shown paired with the ring above, on her middle finger. So fun!

ring stacks
Here’s another combo I spotted her wearing. (The larger ring is Tap by Todd Pownell.)

rebecca overmann ring stack
Finally, my client was in need of a pair of diamond studs that would also be great for her athletic lifestyle. Rebecca did not disappoint.

rebecca overmann diamond earring
So now, instead of old, unused items gathering dust in her jewelry box, my client has a new necklace, two beautiful rings, and a pair of earrings that she will wear all the time. Thanks for everything, Rebecca!