Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Part of my job as a personal wardrobe stylist is packing my clients for trips. I seem to be doing a lot of this lately, and when it comes to the jewelry, there are quite a few things to consider. I thought I’d share some of these points to ponder with you, as you may find yourself packing a suitcase for a trip of your own this summer!

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Your destination should determine what jewelry you bring

Are you going to a luxury resort on the French Riviera? Then perhaps you’ll need to up your glitz game! Are you going to visit the rainforest in South America? Then a waterproof sport watch and stud earrings may be all you really need. I always advise bringing the fewest number of pieces necessary no matter what your destination, especially if you’ll have to cart around luggage to multiple locations.

Think about the security of where you’ll be traveling

In the example of a high end resort, there’s likely to be a safe in the room or at the front desk where you can store your unworn jewelry. On a more rustic trip, I wouldn’t risk bringing any superfluous items; perhaps stick to one look that you’ll wear everyday, or perhaps complement it with some inexpensive necklace that you wouldn’t mind “losing.”

Consider the message your jewelry is sending

I have one client who brings 4 carat CZ stud earrings no matter where she goes. Sure, these earrings don’t necessarily cost a lot, but they are still flashy. And honestly, no one knows whether they are “real” or not — I think she’s tempting fate. When you think about your destination, do you want to draw attention to yourself? Or blend in? I recall a time in my 20’s when I was at the train station in Naples, Italy. A local approached me and said I shouldn’t be wearing the jewelry I had on, as it was tempting to thieves. And what did I have on? Simply a pair of $18 silver hoops, a few silver rings and a silver bangle. Interesting. In my book, this was a very low key (and inexpensive) look, but I never considered that the image I was projecting to those in the train station might be read differently.


Will a thief know if these are real or faux??
Will a thief know if these are real or faux??

How are you going to transport your jewelry?

First and foremost, your jewelry should travel on your physical body or in your carryon. Absolutely NO jewelry in your checked luggage…EVER!! I had one client who was traveling with just a few inexpensive necklaces. She ignored my advice and put them in her checked bag. I was not surprised to hear that when she arrived at her destination, not only was her jewelry missing, but a few other items as well. When the baggage handlers see jewelry in a bag, they don’t know if it’s valuable or not. Why tempt people??

My latest find is a travel jewelry box I picked up for $19.99 at the Container Store. It’s the mini lidded stacker in mink, and it’s been working like a charm! I like that it’s a solid box, so I don’t worry about jewelry getting bent in a jewelry roll. It’s small enough to tuck into my purse, and the lid stays very securely snapped closed. I use the ring area for my earrings as well. The only downside is that it doesn’t accommodate bangles, but I can work around that.

travel jewelry box
travel jewelry box from the container store
What about the jewelry you leave at home?

This is a VERY important thing to consider in these days of social media. Even though security experts advise you not to post any travel photos on social media until you are back at home, that’s pretty darn hard to do. If you’re gazing out at the most spectacular sunset over the Grand Canyon, I dare you not to press the “share” button on Instagram! In addition, everyone’s address is public knowledge. So if you post, thieves will know you’re gone and they know your address. The solution? Keep all your jewelry under lock and key, either in a safe (bolted to the ground or in a wall), your safety deposit box, or off the premises entirely. I know this sounds extreme, but I think it’s crucial. In addition, make sure your jewelry insurance policy is up to date. (For more info on this, refer this article from 2016.)

I know this is a lot to think about, but in my book, planning your jewelry is just as important as planning your clothing. I’d love to hear any other tips you have on this topic in the comment section below. And if you’re going away this summer, I wish you an amazing journey!

Also, I won’t be blogging regularly for the month of July, but I’ll be back full force in August. Know that you can always get your dose of bling on my Instagram and Facebook page.



Travel jewelry: what should I bring??

If you don’t already know this about me, I just looooove to travel. As I type this post, I’m looking out from the 33rd floor at the Wynn Hotel onto the Strip in Las Vegas. Here for a few nights of pre-Christmas fun, I’m a happy girl!

view of the Vegas strip from the Wynn hotel
Not all bad from the 33rd floor!

While I was madly packing last night…wondering what shoes? what tops? jacket? The one thing that was pretty darn easy to pack was my jewelry. Now I know that I have already talked to you about how to get your jewelry from point A to point B in a previous post, I haven’t yet talked about what to bring!

Of course, the destination and duration of your trip will help determine this, but for the “general” 3-6 day trip, I do have a standard “to bring” list that’s pretty much guaranteed to take me anywhere from casual sightseeing to a fancier dinner out.

So here’s my packing list:

1. Watch (not too dressy, and not the one you wear at the gym)
2. Hoop earrings in your metal, be it silver, gold, etc.
3. A pair of fancy earrings–chandeliers, diamond hoops, that sort of thing (And trust me, they don’t need to be expensive–my current faces are a pair from Stella & Dot that I think cost about $45!)
4. Some sort of studs, be it diamond, cz or metal that work back with your necklaces
5. An everyday ring or set of daily stacking rings
6. A statement cocktail ring to glam it up!
7. A daily necklace
8. A statement necklace for jazzing up everything from jeans to a cocktail dress
9. Since I’m a bracelet girl, then a set of 3-5 mix and match bracelets and bangles

As we were in the security line as SFO this morning, Jeff asked, “Are you really going to wear all that through the line? Don’t you have to take it all off?” (I was wearing a watch, 5 bracelets, 3 stacking rings, my statement necklace and hoops) Well yes, I did have to take off some of it, but thanks to my friend Jen, I learned that I can leave on all “real” jewelry since that doesn’t set off the alarm, so I only had to take off half of it. Nice tip, Jen!

Remember, all the jewelry that you’re NOT wearing needs to be properly packed and in your purse — not your checked luggage, not your carry-on, and not in your significant other’s backpack. It’s valuable and it’s your responsibility!

Hope these tips help you enjoy your next holiday even more! Cheers!