Rings Gone Wrong…

I, probably more than most, can certainly appreciate the sentimentality of jewelry. I’ve got my Italian grandmother’s engagement ring, which features blue glass that has been weathered by work in harsh chemicals. I’ve still got a lovely black safety pin embellished with beads from a German pen-pal from when I was nine. Oh, and of course some of my Swedish grandmother’s “cruise” jewelry. (translation: pink rhinestones)

But when you wear all your mementos on your fingers all at once (along with a dated manicure) it’s just not right. Though I loved hearing the story of each and every one of the rings this sweet woman wears daily, I really think she should selectively wear her rings and not over-accessorize. (Curious side bar: why has she ignored her pinky fingers when she is clearly into abundance?!?)

too many rings
Edit, edit, edit....and get a current manicure!