Bejeweled Sandals for Summer 2017

This time of year, as my shopping season slows down (I can’t believe it’s already time for pre-fall in the stores!), I find myself helping many of my clients get ready for vacation. I just love this aspect of my job. I pour over my clients’ itineraries and plan the ideal outfits for their adventures. Not only is it fun for me, but I know it really reduces my clients’ stress levels, allowing them to enjoy the time before they depart as well as when they finally arrive at their destination.

One particular client is planning a month-long sojourn to a couple countries in Europe, ending with some time in the Bahamas. I’ve pretty much got her wardrobe set, but I’m still working on the shoes. Since she won’t be traveling with most of her good jewelry (wise woman), I thought it’d be fun to add a little bling by way of her sandals — she does like the sparkle!! Also, she requires flats for her trip due to a recent medical issue. I figured that if she brings one in black and one in a neutral or metallic, she’ll be pretty much covered for what she has planned. (this is in addition to her “walking” shoes and a pair of sneakers)

Granted, this is a high-end client, so she prefers luxury brands. Also, I know her personal style is quite sophisticated, so I tried to find styles that weren’t too over-the-stop with regard to the bling. I thought it would be fun to share the options I’m presenting her. Just like seeing runway looks in a fashion magazine, you can use these styles as inspiration to find something that may suit your own style and budget. Or, perhaps you may want to invest in one of these options yourself. As I tell my clients, I’d rather have them buy one thing they l.o.v.e at a higher price point, than three less expensive iterations that won’t make them as happy. Quality over quantity, in my book.

Balenciaga studded slide sandal

balenciaga studded slide sandal
Alexander Wang Leidy slide sandal

alexander wang leidy slide sandal
Pedro Garcia Judith sandal

pedro garcia judith sandal
Mystique jewel slides

mystique jewel slides
Giuseppe Zanotti metallic crystal toe-ring sandal

giuseppe zanotti metallic crystal toe-ring flat sandal
Giuseppe Zanotti crystal sandal

giuseppe zanotti crystal sandal
Pedro Garcia Arabela crystal slide sandal

pedro garcia arabela crystal slide sandal
Valentino rockstud leather flat sandal

valentino rockstud leather flat sandal
Personally, I’d love to have any of these in my closet! How about you? Do bejeweled sandals or shoes fit into your personal style? Can’t wait to hear what my client selects!