Key Necklace: Jewelry Judge

I love nostalgia and items from the past. I have the grocery ledger belonging to my Swedish great-grandmother, I treasure the engagement necklace that belonged to my Italian grandmother, and the photo of my Italian grandfather on the boat coming into the harbor in NYC is priceless.

When my latest “victim” appeared at a local park, it was her necklace that caught my eye. In chatting with her, I discovered that she found these two keys amidst her grandparent’s possessions. No idea what they’re for. No idea where they came from. But paired together on the silver ball chain, the result is fab. It’s definitely a bit edgy, especially combined with the pink streak in her hair and the silver studded Hello Kitty t-shirt. I love it. And I have no doubt that this gal was sporting the now-popular “key trend” long before Tiffany & Co. ever thought of it.

key necklace
Subtle and edgy all at the same time!