The Joy of Taking Personal Time

On Sunday, this was my to do list:

-Clean my apartment
-Write a blog post; make it an extra-special one, as turns SIX this week! (How did time fly so quickly?!)
-Work out/go to my barre class
-Eat a healthy dinner

This is how the day actually went down:

-Sleep in till a little after 9
-Have a leisurely morning in my pj’s
-Go to lunch with my mom at the Pancake House (translation: not the healthiest of choices, but yummy)
-Hang out with mom, just chatting in her family room
-Take a long, hot shower when I get home (2nd one of the day — it is allergy season, after all)
-Put my pjs back on, even though it’s only about 4:00
-Read magazines for a couple hours on my couch (technically, this counts as work-related)
-Watch TV (Did anyone else see the finale of Big Little Lies?! OMG!!)
-Get in bed at 8:30 and read Outlander (finally on book 8) for three hours


My happy spot-- relaxing on my couch, enjoying the new leaves popping out on the big tree outside my window
My happy spot– relaxing on my couch, enjoying the new leaves popping out on the big tree outside my window

As you can see, I didn’t accomplish a single thing on my to do list, but you know what? It’s OK. The world kept spinning, and when I got up the next day, no calamity had ensued. And on the bright side, I had a joyful, relaxing day. I DID accomplish things, just not the things I had necessarily thought I would.

I think having down time is severely underrated in our society, especially for women. It’s always rush, rush, rush — with everyone complaining about how busy they are. It’s almost a badge of honor to be worn out. How did this EVER become OK?? I am very NOT OK with it, and I’m making a concerted effort to take plenty of me time, say “no” when I want to, and make decisions in my best interest, even if they turn out disappointing some people. This is especially tough for me, as I tend to be a people-pleaser. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there, right?

Writing a blog is such an interesting endeavor. I take joy in sharing amazing jewlery with my readers and telling stories that may never otherwise be told. I truly do it as a labor of love, as I don’t necessarily earn money from it. But I have also noticed a big change in the world of blogging. “Traditional” blogs like mine, with long-ish written articles are losing some steam. More visual, quick bites are what’s getting the traffic. That’s why I’ve increased my presence on Instagram and continued with my daily images on Facebook. It’s also why I’ve reduced my twice-weekly article schedule to once a week, at most. I’m not planning on going anywhere, just switching it up a bit in how I share the sparkle. In addition, this new arrangement is allowing me a little extra time for myself each week.

I hope that you can take a look at your schedule and see if you’re getting enough YOU time. And if you’re not, I’m confident you can find a way to make it happen. You deserve it. Sending you love from my dusty apartment!