Flash Tattoos: Just a Flash in the Pan?

When spotted from across the room, I was wondering what this woman had around her neck. It wasn’t moving, so it couldn’t be an actual necklace. What was it? A flash tattoo.

flash tattoo necklaces
Flash Tattoos, a company founded in 2013 by Austin, Texas-based Miranda Burnett, has become a very hot trend, especially among the under-30 crew, and the beach community. It’s really quite clever, as you can get the look of a metallic tattoo or jewelry without the commitment to a life-time tat. (And no needles!) They last about 4-6 days if you take care of them properly.

It’s easy to mix them with your own bracelets.

flash tattoo bracelets
And there’s so many options, from body chains to finger nail accessories.

flash tattoo body chain
The gal wearing the flash tat necklace also had a subtle leaf on her neck.

flash tattoo leaf
So what’s your opinion? Have you tried wearing them? Would you? Do you think this will be a long-lasting trend? I’d love to hear your thoughts!