Artistic Necklace: Jewelry Judge

So I was out and about in Palo Alto today, and spied this glorious necklace. Granted, I am currently having a little “neon” moment, so her scarf was what initially caught my eye. (Yes, I have done the neon thing in high school in the 80’s…but I’m still drawn…)

At any rate, I think this woman nailed the neon trend in combination with a neutral (black) and a killer necklace. In talking with her (Irene), I learned that she found this treasure in her native locale, Vancouver, Canada. The signature on the back said “Tania Gleave,” but I couldn’t find a website for her.

The carved wood emblem with the dangling citron stone paired perfectly with the lime scarf, and were center stage on the black outfit. Kudos for a killer pairing!

tania gleave jewelry
I think this combination is lovely!