Jacquie Aiche’s Hot New Designs

You may recall reading about Jacquie Aiche about a year ago, when I posted an article about her here on the blog. I was eager to visit her at Couture this year to see her latest and greatest, and she did not disappoint!

Before I could start looking around, I had to first inspect what she, herself, was wearing!

jacquie aiche
Did she really bling out an antique watch? Yes…she did!

jacquie aiche stack

Jacquie showing me her new crystal necklaces
Jacquie showing me her new amethyst crystal necklaces

Her crystal necklaces wrapped in diamonds are dreamy–shown in the bottom two necklaces in the¬†photo below. Yes, please!


The necklace on the bottom is not on my jewelry lust list!
The necklace on the bottom is now on my jewelry lust list!

These carved agate arrowheads with diamonds are unique and versatile.

jacquie aiche arrowhead necklaces
And how about these sugilite earrings?? (Yep…another gem I had never heard of before!)

jacquie aiche earrings
The way Jacquie took hoop earrings to the next level is awesome.

jacquie aiche earrings
Her booth was filled with a riot of color, and I couldn’t resist trying on a few rings.

jacquie aiche rings
As always, wonderful to see you, Jacquie! xo