Piling on the Rings in Soho: Jewelry Judge

Shopping in Soho is always one of the highlights when working in New York City. I love the uneven brick streets, the deeelish restaurants, and of course, visiting the boutiques. This trip my client and I stumbled across Zimmermann, a feminine and forward-thinking line from Australia. (Click here if you’d like a peek at the kick-a** dress my client purchased.) But I digress…the other thing that really got my attention was the hands of Ashley, the gal assisting us.

stacked gold rings
Somehow, she was able to select a handful of vintage rings and pile them on in just the perfect way. While they are not necessarily delicate rings, they created a creative statement which didn’t feel heavy whatsoever. She told me that she has a bowl full of vintage rings, and chooses different ones each day. Most are from Awoke Vintage in Brooklyn.

Just a short time later, we found ourselves exploring Melissa Joy Manning’s incredible store. (She also has a store in Berkely, CA.) And here, yet another hand stacked away, this time on Michael. He told me this was a “minimal” jewelry day for him.

stacked silver rings
stacked silver rings
And notice how his wrist tattoo adds to the whole look? I love it! These are both great examples of how to stack more substantial rings, and still make it work. Have you tried doing this? I think I may have to go play in my jewelry box and see what I can come up with.