Made Her Think: a New Discovery

During my week working in NYC last month, I had the opportunity to scour the shops in numerous areas. While on Madison, I was pleased to visit the Yigal Azrouel store. Aside from the fact that he’s super hot (I’ve met him before) and has an incredible line (predominantly made in NYC), it was the perfect respite from the sudden downpour.

Amidst the lust-worthy racks of garments, there was a tasteful display of jewelry. Made Her Think collaborated with Yigal for his autumn/winter runway show, which is why it was available in the boutique. Well I loved it, especially the thorn cuffs.

made her think thorn cuff
I bought a small and a larger size to layer together

They came in a variety of metals in both widths. It was hard to choose! The designer, Meredith Kahn, “designs each collection with a playful irreverence, flirting with darkness as she combines sentimental historical contrasts that long to inspire.”

Here’s photo of some more of her work, though I didn’t get the opportunity to see these in person.

made her think jewelry
Streamlined, chic, tough, and also feminine

Looking through their website, I learned that they’re also made in the USA, which gives them 10 points in my book! Now that I’m aware of this edgy, seemingly punk-inspired line, I hope to run across it more often.