Joss Stone: Jewelry Judge

I’ve already admitted to you that Live with Kelly is one of my guilty pleasures on a leisurely morning. Well this week she had Joss Stone on as a musical guest, who was there promoting her new album. (Many of my Facebook fans are raving about it…I’ll have to check it out.) Well anyway, my attention during her performance was not on the song, but rather the spectacular necklace she was wearing. (I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear this!) It was reminiscent of a royal Egyptian collar, yet in sparkling silver, and it looked just amaze-balls with her black strapless top. Wow! Now, I’ll just have to track down who designed this stunning piece….

joss stone Live with KElly
Rockin’ an amazing necklace!

Here’s a view with just her…

joss stone necklace
Where can I find this??