Jill Sander Mannequin

So December comes along in the life of a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist…the majority of fall/winter clothes are going on sale, resort is coming in, and it’s pretty much chaos in downtown San Francisco. I’m tying up loose ends for my clients’ wardrobes, doing some holiday gift shopping, and trying to keep calm through it all — especially on a day like today, which was pretty much loco at Union Square.

As I strolled along, taking calming breaths, I was delighted to be side-tracked by this mannequin outside the Jill Sander boutique in Neiman Marcus. The chic black dress was lovely, but what really made it pop for me was the trio of silver bracelets on the wrist. I don’t know who designed them, but I instantly pictured myself on a rustic, cracked tile-floored terrace in Sorrento, overlooking the Mediterranean while drinking a cold vodka-soda. (and of course a handsome, charming gentleman by my side!)

jill sander

stacked bracelets

You may think I’m crazy that jewelry can transport me like that, but it truly does. I picture where I would be wearing it, who I’d be with, and how I’d be feeling. Who needs fairy tales when you can get all this from a mannequin?! I walked away with a smile on my face.