May Birthstone: Emerald

Emeralds, known as the “stones of successful love” are considered one of the four “precious” stones — the others being diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Found as far back as 4000 BC, emeralds were one of Cleopatra’s favorite gems. In fact, the Egyptians believed they signified eternal life, so very often mummies were buried with an emerald. The word emerald comeĀ from the Greek word “smaragdus” which translates to “green stone.” Emeralds are mined around the globe, including countries such as Columbia, Brazil, and Afghanistan, to name a few. The more vibrant the green, the more valuable the stone.

This dazzling green gem also has many purported qualities for the wearer, which include:

-symbol of rebirth and growth
-inspires hope for the future
-promotes friendship
-brings contentment
-stone of wisdom and mental clarity
-activates creativity
-encourages one to live life to the fullest

With this new knowledge, I set off to find some pieces that piqued my emerald interest. In no particular order…

Judy Geib Colombian Emerald and Herkimer Diamond drop earrings

judy geib colombian emerald and herkimer diamond double drop earrings
Emerald bubble bezel ring

emerald bubble bezel ring
Renee Lewis emerald shake drop earrings

renee lewis emerald shake drop earrings
Arik Kastan emerald and opal round mandala ring

arik kastan emerald and opal round mandala ring in 14k rose gold
Gillian Conroy rosecut emerald drop earrings

gillian conroy 14k thorn hooks with pear rosecut emerald earrings

Jennifer Meyer emerald rectangle stacking ring

jennifer meyer emerald rectangle stacking ring
Dezso emerald and black enamel Jali shark fin cuff bracelet

dezso emerald and black enamel jali shark fin cuff bracelet
Temple St. Clair emerald and diamond trio earrings

temple st. clair emerald, diamond and 18K yellow gold trio earrings
Jenny Kwon emerald and diamond Lexi ring

jenny kwon emerald, diamond and gold lexi ring
Variance Objects emerald five-stone claw ring

variance objects emerald five stone claw ring
So do any of these pieces make you green with jewelry envy? What would be your top pick if you had a bottomless wallet? And if you have a birthday this month, I hope all your birthday wishes come true!!