Jennifer Miller Jewelry

The first time I became acquainted with Jennifer Miller Jewelry was when I just happened to be strolling up Lexington Avenue in NYC, and I stopped in my tracks when I saw the sparkle through the window in front of me. As I entered this jewel box of a store, I honestly didn’t know where to look first. Well much to my delight, I was invited to a Jennifer Miller trunk show on Wednesday at the fabulous home of Alexis Traina in San Francisco, whose home I had admired in the pages of Elle Decor and Vogue.

Jennifer herself was there, and I was thrilled to get a first hand tour of the collection.

Jennifer Miller and Amy Roseveare
There are four Jennifer Miller stores, including East Hampton, Southampton, and Palm Beach, in addition to the NYC location. One thing that really makes this store unique is that it represents 450 (nope, that’s not a typo!) different designers, and it includes both fine and faux pieces. The two are so effortlessly mixed, that it’s not until you look at a price tag that you can be sure what you’re looking at.

Three different displays of bracelets caught my eye right off the bat.

jennifer miller bracelets
jennifer miller bracelets
jennifer miller bracelets
A couple different rings jumped right off the table and onto my finger as well. (Hate when that happens!) I loved the sheen of this one, which is made from rutilated quartz over mother-of-pearl with a sparkling border.

jennifer miller ring
And the cage effect on this one is beyond cool!

jennifer miller ring
There was such an array of different styles, that no matter what your personal style is, there’s undoubtedly something that will get your pulse going. This display was itching to be worn by a bohemian princess.

jennifer miller jewlery
And for the more dramatic personal style, this ensemble was perfect!

jennifer miller jewlery
The gal with a more uptown look would likely be drawn to these Vaubel necklaces.

steven vaubel necklaces
And I have no doubt that this “dino cuff” would inspire the downtown girl.

jennifer miller dino cuff
And what, pray tell, did I go home with? (because you just know that I couldn’t go home empty-handed!) Well, I chose to invest in this beautiful pair of white topaz oversized drops, as I have realized that my special occasion earring wardrobe is severely lacking. Since they are colorless, they will blend with the majority of my wardrobe, and they’ll add just the right amount of bling!

jennifer miller earrings
I did add a couple other items to my “wish list,” which I had started the last time I visited their store. And with their fabulous website, where you can shop from the comfort of your own home, I can definitely see my list building! How about you?