Fragments “New” Website Launch!

I remember the first time I visited Fragments in SoHo in NYC. It was like stepping into this amazingly huge jewelry box with such exquisitely curated collections, that I didn’t know where to start looking (and trying on) first! Well unfortunately it’s been quite some time since I’ve been back in the Big Apple, but I’m thrilled with the new and improved website that Fragments just launched this past week.

fragments jewelry store
The storefront on Prince Street

While I’ve certainly spent countless hours on jewelry websites, I have to say that this site is oh, so, much more than your average bear! As Danielle Gadi, their PR gal told me, “It’s a jewelry journey.” Well said. It’s shopping, it’s educational, and it’s very on-trend.

As I explored the site, I first went through the different designers. Instead of just showing the lines (and they do carry both fashion and fine jewelry), they had pictures of the designers, information about them, and short interviews that really give you an insight into the creative forces behind the jewelry you’re looking at. I always think that getting to know a designer really makes their jewelry more personal. I love knowing random facts like what their guilty pleasure is, and what piece of jewelry they never take off!

The next section that really grabbed me was Janet’s Jewelry Box. Janet, the founder and CEO of the company, uses this forum to show her top picks each season, based on different themes and trends. In this first edition, she starts where she should — with the basics that you should have in your jewelry box. I can’t wait to see what her next batch of picks are!

fragments janet's pick
Jewelry basics by Janet

Two pages on the site that I will be sure to keep up with are Trend Watch and Style Spotlight. Currently, they’re featuring Maria Duenas Jacobs, who’s the senior accessories editor at Glamour magazine. I love finding out some quirky things about her, as well as see what jewelry she’s currently obsessing over. (because I am NOT the only jewelry-obsessed girl in the world…)

fragments style spotlight
Chic layout!

There’s also more than just jewelry on this site. There’s a section on events going on around the city, and a whole section dedicated to art. How cool is that? On my next visit, I can literally use the site as a mini travel guide! And finally, I have to mention the kick-ass glossary they include. You can get definitions of everything from jasper to toggle clasps. I know that I learned a few things from perusing it!

Thanks for letting me wax poetic about this updated website. I’m just so happy that I can really get my “Fragments Fix” even though I’m on the opposite coast. Hope you enjoy it as well!