Pull-Out Jewelry Storage Panels

One of the things I love about my mom is her creative, artsy style. One of her style signatures is typically wearing some sort of statement necklace. They don’t have to be expensive, but they’ve got to have that “wow” factor — and trust me, she’s got quite an eclectic collection growing. The problem? They are not the easiest thing to store. Traditional jewelry boxes are definitely not an option. And though we did try to convert the top drawer in her dresser into an organized system, it just didn’t work. The necklaces didn’t play well together, and they didn’t want to stay in their compartments, if they even fit in the first place.

messy jewelry drawer
Inspired by some ideas we saw on Pinterest, we decided to make use of some unused space in her closet. The cabinet-maker who had outfitted her garage built three vertical, pull-out peg-boards. They fit perfectly into the under-utilized space. Here’s a couple shots of them after they were installed.

jewelry storage panels
jewelry storage panels pulled out
We went with plastic Hook Style Pegs . White just fades into the background, letting the focus be on the jewelry, not the hooks. I also thought that plastic would potentially be less damaging than metal, which could possibly scratch some materials.

pegboard pegs for hanging necklaces
Before transferring all the necklace from the drawer to the new system, we first had to lay them all out on the bed to take stock of what she has. She opted to get rid of a couple she didn’t love anymore. Then we organized them by color to get an idea of how we wanted to hang them in the closet. Here’s a quick video of this part of the process.

Next, it was quite quick and easy to pop in the hooks and hang everything up. I like the versatility of this system, as you can add/move hooks so easily, as opposed to those on walls, which can leave nail holes when you move things. Click on this short video to see the finished product!

Mom is pretty darn psyched for her new necklace organization, and so am I! What do you think of it?

jewelry storage panels for the closet