Hello Kitty Pearl Necklace by Mikimoto

I know that my love for jewelry has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt since I launched this blog in 2011. And I will now admit a secret to you that very few know — I was completely obsessed with Hello Kitty (and Little Twin Stars, etc.) when I was a child. Every spare cent I could save was carefully spent at the Sanrio store at the local mall. I still have a collection of these products from the late 70’s and early 80’s in my mom’s attic. (Heck…those are probably worth something today!) At any rate, my love of both these items did NOT coincide when I saw this necklace, set to launch in January 2014 by Mikimoto.

hello kitty pearl necklace

Retailing at $290,000, it’s designed with Akoya pearls (click here to read more about what those are), diamonds and onyx.

I always say that the more you pay for something, the more you should wear it. In that way, the cost-per-wear goes down. But really, where does one possibly get enough wear from this necklace to justify the cost? It’s not suitable for most workplace environments (where most adults spend the majority of their waking hours), and I hardly envision it on a hot date night or fancy cocktail party. So unless you are just a die-hard collector of Hello Kitty paraphernalia, I think this necklace is definitely a fashion “don’t.”