Giovanni Ferraris: Jewelry Designer

Giovanni Ferraris is one of the first people I interviewed at the Couture show, but I knew I had to wait until now to write about him. Why? Because we’re only two weeks out from the Academy Awards, and this Italian line is beyond red carpet worthy! There were so many devastatingly beautiful pieces, and I couldn’t help but picture different movie stars wearing them. This pair of earrings, in fact, won the Haute Couture award at the show — pretty darn impressive, as it was his first time attending Couture. Bravo!

giovanni ferraris haute couture winning earrings
Getting his start 30 years ago making watches, he then branched into jewelry, where his wife, Katia, is the main designer, and he handles the production end of things. Their factory is located in San Salvatore, Italy, a region rich in the jewelry business, and each piece is made right there in their factory. I couldn’t resist trying on these diamond and titanium earrings. While they are definitely heavy on the bling, they are light on the ear. They took 300 hours to make! Che lavoro!!

giovanni ferraris diamond earrings
This pair of blue-green sapphire and diamond earrings are one-of-a-kind and out of this world!

giovanni ferraris earrings
These earrings are part of the “Twist” collection, and they move, just like springs.

giovanni ferraris twist earrings
Here’s my friend, Jen, modeling a bracelet from the same collection — it fits so comfortably around the wrist.

giovanni ferraris bracelet
Giovanni demonstrated how it moves with ease, and pops right back into shape.

There were other bracelets I couldn’t resist trying as well. This mesh of black and white diamonds is from the “Velvet” collection.

giovannni ferraris bracelet
And this London blue topaz and diamond bracelet has a very deep blue hue, reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

giovanni ferraris bracelet
The glow emanating from this pink quartz ring was spectacular. The attention to detail in the setting makes it as pretty from the side as it is from the top.

giovanni ferraris ring
giovanni ferraris ring
If I were hitting the red carpet, I surely wouldn’t mind wearing one of these!

giovanni ferraris iris rings
I so enjoyed getting to know Giovanni — from practicing my Italian a bit, to trying on the exquisite jewels. I will definitely be visiting his booth again at Couture this year to see the latest and greatest.

amy roseveare and giovanni ferraris