Body Chains…What Do You Think?

I spend (too much) time on Pinterest, scouring boards and images to see what’s hot out there in the world of jewelry. Something I’ve been seeing more and more of are body chains. Here’s a prime example I came across.

body chain

In this image, it does look pretty darn sexy, given the model’s gorgeous back and low-cut dress. But would this work in the real world, on the average Jane? Well looks like we’re about to find out, because they’re hitting the mainstream, no longer just in fashion shoots. While having lunch in Laguna Beach, I saw body chains on not one, but TWO mannequins! The first was at Anastatia Boutique.

A cool, boho vibe
A cool, boho vibe

The next one was spotted at Fetneh Blake — a store that is seriously as beautiful as an art gallery! This piece was a little more rock n’ roll, by London designer Fannie Schiavoni.

fannie schiavoni body chain

While they were both so cool to look at, I don’t know if I’m ready to don one myself. What about you? Have you started seeing them while out an about? Send me photos if you do!