Ana Katarina

It all started when Roseark posted this photo on Instagram, featuring rings by Ana Katarina and K. Brunini. I was mesmerized!

Ana Katarina and K Brunini rings
Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic launched her Venus in Furs collection just this past September in Paris, France. This line “…taps into the feminine mystique; the duality of seductive and demure.” And can’t you just see the sensuality in the enticing curves in her designs?

Ana Katarina
As a huge proponent of ethically sourced and made jewelry, Ana Katarina is a member of both the Ethical Metalsmiths and the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). She uses 18K recycled gold and palladium, and all her stones, diamonds and fossils are conflict-free and fair trade. In addition, each piece is hand crafted in NYC. Fabulous!

Ana Katarina jewelry truly is art to be worn. Take a look at how these rose gold and diamond earrings perfectly complement the shape of the ear.

Ana Katarina rose gold and diamond earrings
Ana Katarina earring
Her rings come in a variety of styles, and they enhance ones hands, as shown in the photo from Roseark. Here are four styles to show you the range in design.

Ana Katarina rose gold, blue opal and green dimaond ring
Ana Katarina palladium and black diamond ring
Ana Katarina rose gold and black diamond ring
Ana Katarina yellow gold, fire opal and diamond ring
They are all so unique and different, I honestly can’t decide which one is my favorite!! If your neck is in need of some adornment, then this necklace would be perfect, with its combination of blue and pink opals, blue/green diamonds, rose gold and palladium. Wow!

Ana Katarina blue and pink opal, blue:green diamonds with rose gold and palladium
If you’d like to keep up with Ana Katarina, then follow her on Instagram. And if you’re in southern California, you can see her jewelry at both Roseark in West Hollywood and Seaside Luxe in Santa Monica. I’m hoping to see it in San Francisco one day soon!