Erica Molinari: New Work

I was just reading my original post about Erica Molinari from 2012, and so much has changed! First of all, I now personally know and adore Erica. I had the pleasure of sitting at her table at the Couture awards show in 2013, and she couldn’t have been more welcoming and entertaining. She is one cool lady. Seeing her at the show each year since then has been such a treat. Then…there’s her jewelry. Her line has exploded with new designs, and I have to share some of my favorites with you.

So first up, you have to see her work in enamel. I couldn’t get enough of the rings, which come in both white and black.

erica molinari enamel rings
Some have patterns and others have sayings on them. (Did I mention she has bangles as well?) My personal favorite is this black one, which in Italian says, “A beautiful thing is never perfect.” Honestly, I got tears in my eyes when I read it. And not bad with my Polly Wales diamond band, right?

erica molinari and polly wales rings
And take a peek at the details inside the ring as well.

erica molinari ring detail
Here are some more of her new rings, showing how intricate her designs are. Are they vintage? New? This is one of the awesome¬†things about Erica’s line — they are modern interpretations of some very old themes, really adding character and depth to your jewelry collection.

erica molinari rings
This is a perfect segue to her Momento Mori pieces, featuring skulls, skeletons and such.

erica molinari skull rings
I have to say I’m a bit obsessed with this one, which features a skull behind a custom cut white topaz with black enameling on the sides.

erica molinari skull ring
Here’s a side view so you can get a better perspective of the stone.

side view
Oh, right…the skeletons. Hello!!!! Have you ever seen anything like it?

erica molinari skeleton in coffin pendant
Erica has also gone bananas with her stud collection. She told me she wants to have 50 different designs, and right now she’s at 47. I have an inkling she’ll be surpassing her goal in the not-too-distant future.

erica molinari studs
And of course, if adding a little bling is on your agenda, then enjoy these pave diamond rings.

erica molinari pave diamond rings
Erica and Felecia, you’re both amazing women, and I appreciate the tour of the new work!! If you’d like to keep current with the latest, then follow Erica Molinari on Instagram.